Impending Hacker Infestation Looms Over Halo Infinite

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Credit: Image via Xbox

The curse of the online FPS genre is now looming on the highly promising Halo Infinite, and experts are wondering how long will the game last without an anti-cheat, much less a reporting system. The game is off to a promising start giving players everything they could have dreamt of from the franchise.

Even in its early days, Halo Infinite is getting all the attention it deserves from hackers and cheaters. There are already numerous hackers in the game, completely undetected griefing lobbies across the server. This raises the question of how long before hackers run riot over Halo Infinite?

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Are Hackers taking over Halo Infinite?

Despite all criticism, Halo fans love that the new game encompasses all the best elements from previous titles while incorporating new mechanics that can go toe to toe with the best contemporary FPS games.
However, the lack of an anti-cheat presents a bigger threat to the community than anything.

For a massively multiplayer online shooter to not have a reporting system is quite unheard of, especially from a franchise like Halo. Cheating has always been the curse of the FPS genre, and it has rendered numerous popular titles unplayable - jump into a match of Warzone to get the first-hand experience.

Regardless, most popular content creators have had positive reviews for Halo Infinite so far, and most of them have urged the developers to add some form of anti-cheat. Jack 'Courage' Dunlop highlighted why Halo Infinite needs a report button and a robust anti-cheat in a recent tweet.

Not weeks ago, Herschel 'Dr Disrespect' Beahm IV reached out to the developers on Twitter, mentioning how cheating in Halo Infinite can become a complicated issue. He highlights that it's a great game, and the emotion resonates with everyone who wants to see this game thrive.

Below is a video highlighting the imminent threat Halo Infinite faces from hackers

Nevertheless, the developers have yet to address this issue, and the threat of hackers overrunning Halo Infinite grows every day.

Do you feel that hackers will rapidly infest Halo Infinite and ruin its potential? Which game do you think Halo Infinite should base its anti-cheat on and why?

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