How Long Is Halo Infinite's Story Campaign?

Halo Infinite is a different beast when compared to its predecessors. It's more open-world in structure, with heaps of side content to take on as you make your way through the story. You can choose to follow the main path or spend some time exploring Zeta Halo. Here's how long it takes to beat the single-player campaign.

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How Long Is Halo Infinite's Story Campaign?

It will take you 10-15 hours to beat Halo Infinite's story campaign on Normal Difficulty. This will vary massively depending on how much of Zeta Halo you want to explore. There are side activities that are completely optional, such as bases to capture and towers to destroy. These will easily add another 5-10 hours onto the experience and can be tackled after finishing the main bulk of missions. For reference, I played a few side missions after completing each main one and finished the campaign with 12 hours spent playing. If I wanted to, I could head back in and hoover up all of the optional extras, meaning that total play time would be closer to 20-25 hours.

Master Chief fires a Commando rifle at an enemy. The image is from a first person perspective.
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Something to note is that the in-game clock only updates after completing checkpoint objectives. This means that if you die over and over again on a mission, it will not be reflected in your final playtime. Because of this, total completion will vary with difficulty, but may not accurately reflect the time you spent restarting after dying in a mission. Playing on Legendary will likely take much longer than on Normal. Our previous estimation relates to playing on Normal difficulty.

Main Missions List

There are 14 main missions to complete as part of Halo Infinite's campaign:

  • Banished Warship Gbraakon
  • Foundations
  • Outpost Tremonious
  • The Tower
  • Excavation Site
  • Spire
  • Pelican Down
  • The Sequence
  • Nexus
  • The Command Spire
  • Repository
  • The Road
  • House of Reckoning
  • Silent Auditorium

That's all you need to know about how long it takes to beat Halo Infinite's Campaign. If you're looking for more on the game, be sure to check out our guide on Replaying Story Missions. Elsewhere there's our look at the best weapons to use in multiplayer.

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