Halo Infinite To Be Optimized For Every Platform

Although it may seem like a while until players will be loading into Halo Infinite for the very first time.

Fans of the legendary FPS series are still getting their dose of Halo in.

Now, the developers have posted a brand new blog post detailing some of the design elements incorporated within Halo Infinite. 

One important note is their note on optimization for all platforms. 

Here's what they had to say! 


Blog Post

A brand new blog post was posted by Bungie over the weekend.

This lengthy blog post notes some of the design elements and other notable steps they are taking to make this Halo the best one yet.

One aspect that was touched on was by some of the engineers within Bungie.

When talking about Halo's optimization, they noted the following: 

Here’s something that excites me as an engineering architect: for Halo Infinite, we rebuilt the engine multi-threading solution to ensure high execution efficiency across all platforms and PCs, instead of running optimally just on Xbox One.

We used this new system to transition the renderer to a massively parallel multi-threaded framework to support the increased cost of all our new rendering features and achieve high graphics efficiency on PC CPUs of various size as well as Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One X/S hardware.

In practice, this means that we are doing our very best to make sure Halo Infinite runs optimally on any device you may choose to play on!" - Daniele Giannetti, Game Foundation Architect

So, it appears that PC players checking out Halo Infinite are going to experience a fully optimized game when it releases. An aspect that we often do no get to experience when games initially release, as it takes time to fully optimize these titles for new hardware! 


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