Halo Infinite: Devs Respond To Fan Complaints, Promise "Your Voice Is Heard"

Halo Infinite is coming this year, but the game's initial gameplay reveal last week has left fans feeling a little underwhelmed.

After a week of being the butt of many a meme, Dan Chosich, the game's narrative director, responded to a fan complaint.

Halo Infinite Devs Hearing Fan Feedback

After a Twitter user sent a tweet to the dev, Chosich responded to try and assuage concerns.

I’ve been in your shoes. I know what it's like to have expectations built + feel let down. I want you to know your voice matters + is heard. You're not falling on deaf ears. I always want to live up to the legacy that Bungie pioneered. I personally care a lot about honoring that.
— Dan Chosich (@DanChosich)
July 25, 2020

Despite working on the narrative side of Halo Infinite, Chosich's response certainly makes it sound as if the team has taken the game's criticism to heart. While there were undoubtedly some assets and textures that didn't look great, I'm excited to jump into Infinite.

Since the game was finally shown, Halo Infinite's setting has been confirmed as Zeta Halo, and we've been digging through the footage to uncover the new weapons we saw in the gameplay reveal.

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