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Halo Infinite Weapons: Every New Weapon In Xbox Series X Shooter

Halo Infinite has a ton of weapons in its armoury – and in the latest gameplay demonstration, we got to see Master Chief wield a handful of them. So what’s old? What’s new? What’s borrowed and what’s blue? (apart from the plasma grenade).

Here we go through the NEW confirmed weapons so far – and bear in mind, this list will evolve as more trickle through from 343 Industries as we approach launch.

Halo Infinite Weapons Confirmed

You can check out the gameplay slice below.

Human Weapons

The VK78 Commando


We loved the look of this weapon. The VK78 fires 6.5mm rounds in an automatic fashion. Spray and pray is the order of the day here.

To help with kick-back and accuracy, there’s a rail-mounted optic with a zoom of approx. 3X. The magazine is loaded at an angle directly under the trigger guard, while a firer selector dial – presumably allows you to change between fully automatic and semi-automatic.

To keep an eye on ammo, there’s a side-mounted ammunition counter. With just 20 rounds per magazine, you’ll be reloading a lot – so best keep this as a secondary. A max of 60 rounds appears to be the reserve ammo you can hold at one time.

It seems a perfect close to medium range weapon, although we doubt it’ll deal too much damage in semi-automatic mode. The latter will be useful should you be low on ammo.

CQS48 Bulldog

Certain to be a close-quarters favourite, the Bulldog fires 12-gauge shells from a 10-round rotating magazine.

In typical shotgun fashion, the foregrip is then ‘pumped’ to rotate the magazine, loading another shell into the chamber. Despite faster reload times due to the nature of the rotating magazine, the shells the Bulldog fires are smaller – so expect damage to take a hit there compared with the likes of the M45 and M90 shotguns.

The Bulldog also allows for iron sights…but we’re not sure why as its range seems limited.

MK50 Sidekick (new weapon)


This new sidearm packs a serious punch for a little fella. Firing 10mm rounds from a 12-round box magazine, the Sidekick positions itself as a reliable, if an unremarkable, friend to have by your side.

Unlike the M series in the previous games, there’s now smart-linked optic here – so you can kiss goodbye to headshots from 200m away. Analogue iron sights do give some control over aim, but with its 12.7mm rounds (smaller than the M6) you won’t want to rely too heavily on this Sidekick to get you out of trouble.

Banished Weapons

Pulse Carbine

As expected, we’re looking at ‘Charge’ rather than ammo here. When the weapon depletes, it’s time to pick up another. It looks as though it features both Plasma and Burst fire modes – and just like some other Banished weapons, it’ll overheat if fired continuously.

The Carbine looks particularly effective at draining enemy shields – so could be a decent ‘placeholder’ until you stumble across a more powerful weapon during a mission.


A Banished pistol, it boasts a slow-but high powered fire rate. While clearly not as agile as the Sidekick, which performs like a sports car in comparison, the Mangler’s slower, more steady fire rate may prove popular to those after precision.


Coming equipped with Plasma and Burst fire modes, the Ravager is a hefty, brute of a weapon (see what we did there?) prone to overheating. Plasma ‘arcs’ when it’s fired, much like bullet drop – so you’ll need to take this into account when targeting enemies from range.

In the demo, the Chief clearly has to remove his hands to let the weapon vent. Still, it looks devastatingly effective against shields.

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