Fall Guys Halloween Event 2021: Everything We Know

Fall Guys' Halloween event for 2021 is expected to take place later this year and there are a lot of possibilities on what we can see. New outfits and skins, items to buy in the shop, special events and shows, we all could be in store for a spooky few days this October. Here is everything we know about a possible Fall Guys' Halloween Event 2021.

Latest News

7 October 2021 -

Looks like some Halloween Skins may have leaked early. Take a look:

1 October 2021

It's now officially October and spooky season is nearly here. We're still holding out hope for some sort of Fall Guy's Halloween event.

The team at Mediatonic has just announced a Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania crossover, but with any luck their next big reveal will be slightly more scary.

Fall Guys Halloween Event Start Dates

When looking back at 2020, Mediatonic didn't hold any special event celebrating Halloween, but we speculate that could be because the game had only just launched in August 2021.

We doubt even Mediatonic could have predicted how big the game would become.

This year we'd like to think they will jump in on the Halloween action, but with no frame of reference, we'll for now assume that it arrives as close to Halloween as possible on Sunday, 31 October.

Fall Guys Halloween Event - What Can We Expect?

As for what we could see, some new skins seem the most likely, focused around Halloween, such as a pumpkin, a witch, a skeleton, and more.

There is also the possibility that a unique show will be implemented, although what this could be isn't clear, as none of the events in-game are particularly spooky. Hopefully, we can expect to hear more from Mediatonic soon.

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