How to turn off Sage powers in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

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An image of Link gliding in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
Credit: Nintendo EPD

We'll be walking you through on how to turn off Sage powers in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom with our guide below. In the game you'll be able to have Sage companion abilities, which allow Link to unleash the elements on enemies. These abilities have some utility effects that can aid players in their exploration.

Take note, though, that your Sage powers in the game can also be disabled if you don't plan to use them in some parts of the game. Early on in the game, you'll be aided by a companion. At the end of a region's main quest, a character will be supporting you by handing you their Sage Vow. This will enable your Sage abilities in-game. But what if you want them off?

How to turn off Sage powers in
Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

First off, you should know that your Sage powers are activated by default in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. This makes it easier for you to use each Sage ability swiftly when battling against enemies. In most encounters, your Sage powers can be used by going near a companion and pressing the A button. But there is a way to turn off your Sage powers, if you so wish.

You can deactivate these abilities by finding them in the Key Items menu of your inventory. This becomes very useful when you want to challenge yourself without using these abilities. Moreover, it's better to turn off Tulin when you're battling on the ground, because it makes it easier for you to activate the other Sage powers.

A gameplay image of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.
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Credit: Nintendo EPD

What are the Sage powers in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom?

We're also going to give you a rundown of the different Sages and abilities you can get from them in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Tulin, Sage of the Wind

Regarded as the best Sage ability so far, it's no doubt that the game pushes you a bit to head to Hebra first to complete the Rito quest. In terms of combat usage, you'll be able to manifest gusts of winds to blow back smaller enemies. While for exploration, Tulin will blow a gust of wind to the direction that you're facing, which creates a speed burst when gliding in the air.

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Yunobu, Sage of Fire

A fire element power, you can acquire this by heading to Eldin to complete the Death Mountain/Goron City quest. For combat purposes, Yunobu will turn into a spinning ball that can be launched at enemies, dealing some decent damage. In terms of exploration, Yunobu's rolling attacks can destroy rock slides and ore nodes. This becomes very helpful in destroying obstacles that may come your way.

Riju, Sage of Lightning

You can get Riju's sage ability by going to Gerudo and finishing the Gerudo Town quest. When using this, a field emanates outward. You'll be able to shoot an arrow at anything within that field that causes a lightning strike and explosion, hitting several enemies. For exploration usage, you can use Riju's ability similar to Yunobo's rock slide effect, which can destroy obstacles. Moreover, it can also be used to power up push-block batteries and devices.

Sidon, Sage of Water


For Sidon's water abilities, you can get this by heading to Lanayru for the Zora's Domain quest. Sidon can create a water bubble that covers Link, preventing damage from any source. For exploration, it can clean up sludge, which is an important mechanic during the aforementioned quest.

Fifth Sage

Take note that there's a fifth companion summon that you can get in the game. However, you can only acquire this by completing all the main regional quests.

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