Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Lightning Temple guide - All battery locations

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Lightning Temple is a towering pyramid that looks more imposing from the map view than it really is. If you're worried about lengthy back-tracking: don't be. It's not half as troublesome as it seems. And to make it really easy, we've broken it down into its four key sections.

Read on to fly right through the Lightning Temple and clear one of the four main quests. A blind run can take upwards of an hour, but following along with the guide below can have you in and out of the dust bowl in 20 minutes, ready to head to the next.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Lightning Temple guides - All battery locations

Once inside, use Ultrahand on the buried chest to grab a Flame Emitter. Grab a Korok-Frond Duster from the wall and swing it to uncover a switch under the sand in front of the door. Hop on, walk through, and head down the stairs.

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Fall off the first bridge to find a Large Zonai Charge in a chest. Climb back up, push forward, and use Ultrahand to remove the bricks ahead and use it again to uncover the left tomb for a powerful Gerudo Claymore. Bag the chest for a Topaz.

Carefully walk through the flame wall and hop on the button to turn it off, letting Ruji pass safely.

In the room ahead, just use Recall on the rolling flame boulder and follow it back down its route. Hit the switch on the right at the end of the road to stop the trap, letting Riju catch up.

Grab the Gerudo Bow from the tomb below if you want, and destroy the Gibdo nest to stop any stalkers. Head up into the Room of Hopeful Light.

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Defeat the powerful contructs here and use Ultrahand to free the mirror from the sand. Climb the stacked bricks into the room in the wall and use Recall to stop the chest platform from falling for a Mighty Construct Bow.

Back in the main room, grab the mirror using Ultrahand and hold it high in the light beam to direct the light onto the large emblem above the door to open it. Head up to 1F and the Room of Ascension to start the dungeon properly.

Activate the terminal to unlock the teleport point and add the batteries to your map.

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First battery - Room of Ascension

The first battery is incredibly easy to find. Just use Ultrahand on the bricks to the right of the gate in front of the terminal (1F). Activate Riju's ability and use an arrow to strike it with lightning.

Second Battery - Room of Light and Shade

Head up the stairs to 4F and glide or climb your way to the opening to the left of the barred gate. Defeat the enemy and walk through the slowly spinning wheels. Use Ultrahand to remove the bricks here, letting light pass through.

Go back through the spinning wheels and use Recall on one, cancelling the ability when they line up. The idea is to get them both in the same (or directly successive) position to allow the light enough time to shine through the bars and onto the light-sensitive switch on the opposite side of the temple.

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Once enough light shrines through, the statue will move back. Head to it and step on the switch it revealed to open it fully.

Head down the stairs and use Ultrahand to block the spike trap with a horizontal brick. Tap the button at the other end to allow Riju to pass through. In the next room, use a verticle brick to block the slamming spike trap. You can use two stacked bricks if you need more room to deal with the enemy.

Head into the next room and use the button to disable the trap for Riju. Hop down the hole and grab the stake from the sand. Use Ultrahand to slot it into a gap in the rotating wall to stop it in a place that reveals the light-sensitive switch.

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Use Ultrahand to grab the mirror from the sand pile and hold it (or a mirror shield) in the light pillar to redirect the sunlight to the switch, opening the roof above. Use Ascend from the light pillar to get onto the bridge and use another mirror to direct the light down the hallway, opening up the gated area of the room before.

Head into the room and use Ruji's ability and an arrow to direct lightning onto the battery to activate your first one.

Third battery - Room of Offered Light

For the third battery, head back out to the main staircase that led to the second. Use Ultrahand again to position a mirror angled sp that it directs the light from across the room down to the switch on the floor below.

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Use the staircase this reveals to head into the Room of Offered Light. Take down the enemies and destroy the Gibdo nest.

Use Ultrahand to make a hot-air balloon platform and attach one of the mirrors to the front so that it faces the sealed gate. Put the whole construction on the light pillar and light one of the nearby torches using the brazier in the middle to float up.

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The light from the pillar should shine through and reflect off the mirror to activate the switch at the top of the room. This will open up the chamber below, revealing the third battery.

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Again, use Riju's lightning power and an arrow to activate the battery.

Fourth battery - Room of Light and Flame

After the third battery, dismantle the hot-air balloon and transport it into the main stairwell area.

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Sit it in the middle of the room and use a torch (or flame emitter) to travel up to 5F, where you'll spot four more mirrors being held by statues. Head into the clearing on the south side of the wall into the Room of Natural Light.

Use Ultrahand to position the brick vertically within the pillar of light. Stick a mirror to the top to direct the light out into the main hall.

Exit into the main hall. Rather than slide all the statues around as I did, you can manage the same by just sliding the one to the right of the closest statue so that it lines up with the switch closer to the roof on the opposite side.

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Use Ultrahand again to position a mirror (either a shield or one from the Room of Natural Light) so that it bounces the light coming out of the room onto the statue you just moved, reflecting it again and activating the switch above.

Hop all the way back down and ride you balloon back to the top of the room, hopping off to glide toward the now-open statue. A torch works best for this ascent, but you can use Zonai Charges to keep a flame-emitted powered long enough for the same purpose.

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Head in and use your glider to slowly descend through the pit of flamethrowers until you reach the once-inaccessible area of the Room of Light and Flame below. Hop on the switch to open the door and whistle to call Riju over. Use her lightning again to activate the final battery.

Head back to the terminal in the main room. When you're ready, activate it to travel up to the fight with Queen Gibdo.

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