How to change time of day in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

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Link looking up at the sun in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
Credit: Nintendo
May 19, 2023: Want to change the time of day in Tears of the Kingdom? Find out how in our guide.

If you’ve played any kind of RPG game, then you know the struggle of wanting to do a certain time-related task but not wanting to wait around. Thankfully, knowing how to change the time of day in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom will make playing the game an awful lot easier for you. It couldn’t be easier to do, but you might struggle to figure out how to do it if you haven’t been told.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is the latest game in The Legend of Zelda series. It’s a direct sequel to Breath of the Wild, which came out in 2017. The game was first revealed at E3 2019 and has seen a few delays before its full release.

Expect to see Link explore the open world of Hyrule once again, with more verticality and variety in the world than ever before. Only you will be able to stop the evil forces at work, as they try to eradicate Hyrule and its leader Princess Zelda, once and for all. You can also check out our full The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom review here!

How to change time of day in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

So, you’ve got a special quest and you need to be somewhere at a certain time. Oh, but it’s just your luck, that time window passed just before you accepted the quest! What are you meant to do, sit around while you watch the sun slowly set and reconsider your life decisions?

Thankfully, there is an easier way! All you need to do is head to the nearest inn and make your way to the comfiest bed they have available (comfort levels are not strictly necessary for time skipping, just a personal preference). Once there, you’ll have the option to sleep and switch to the time of day you need.

Once you’ve had a restful sleep, Link will jump up out of bed and you’ll be ready to take on whatever time-related task you needed to do.


But what if you don’t have an inn nearby, you say? Thankfully that isn’t the only way you can time travel in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. Almost any sturdy bed will do in the game, as long as you can sleep in it safely and for an extended period of time, you’ll be given the option to sleep through until a certain time.

Thanks to the developers at Nintendo, time travel has never been easier. Not only that, but they’ve added a number of time-related mechanics into the game. We don’t mean just sleeping in a bed either, but really cool ones! We won’t spoil anything for you now though, you’ll have to boot the game up yourself to try them out.

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