Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Water Temple guide - All faucet locations

The Legend of the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Water Temple has such a lead-up to its eventual entrance that it rarely feels like a temple at all. In terms of classic Zelda dungeons, it's closer to a Divine Beast than a dungeon or temple from games other than Breath of the Wild. But it's still a hoot, and we'll get you through it fast if you just want to move on.

Down below, we'll make an effort to simplify the skyward palace hiding the secret stone of the Water Sage. As it's the source of clean water for Zora's Domain and the mountains surrounding it, it's imperative that you remove the sludge egregiously placed right until its five faucets. One is still working, so it's up to you to repair the other four.

How to get to the Water Temple in Tears of the Kingdom

Because it's such an involved process, you'll want to look at our dedicated Zora's Domain guide to complete the Sidon of the Zora questline that leads you to the island in the sky. This page is purely for what to do when you get up there.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Water Temple guide - All faucet locations

Once you finally step foot on the floating islands comprising the Water Temple in Tears of the Kingdom, you'll want to head straight to the water source to activate the teleport. That will make your return trip much easier should you need to head back down for supplies.

Just interact with the terminal to trigger the cutscene. You'll also learn a bit about what you're looking for.

First Faucet

Facing north at the entrance, we're going to take the trip up to the east islands first. Just use your low-gravity jumps here to hop along the shattered bridge platforms.

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Take down the enemies (stealth works well here) and use a water source to clean the sludge from the glowing, angled obelisk jutting out toward the edge facing the next island up, revealing a bubble machine.

Use Ultrahand to grab the ball from the nearby water and hold it against where the bubbles spawn to send it up to the next platform. Hop into the next bubble to follow it. Use Ultrahand again to position the ball above the submerged slot by the waterfall.

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Grab one of the floating platforms and stick it to the sluice gate opposite the waterfall. Turn the platform on and use Ultrahand to lift the gate.

The platform should stop it from falling, keeping the pool drained (and the ball in the slot) long enough for you to go into the chamber near where the platforms were found. Use Sidon's ability to fire water at the wheel, activating the first faucet.

Second Faucet

For the next, glide back over to the bubble generator to the right of the main terminal. Defeat the enemies here if you haven't already, and throw a Chuchu Jelly (or one attached to an arrow) at the mud-covered platform edge directly above it.

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Revealing a waterfall, glide into it with your Zora Armor equipped to travel up to the top. Clean the sludge ahead for a chest containing arrows and use Recall on the bubble ahead as it hits the ground. Hop in to travel to the next platform.

Walk toward the end of this island and use Ultrahand to attach the slabs in the shallow water to either side of the wheel above, giving it the surface area for the waterfall to spin it around. This generates electricity that flows down the circuit to the left.

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Follow the circuit and use Ultrahand to position the bubble behind so that it bridges the gap between the walls the electricity flows down, completing the circuit to the locked door.

Again, use Sidon's ability to spin the water wheel inside the once-locked door to activate the second faucet.

Third faucet

Head back down to the island below and fight the Fire-Like. Sidon's water shield is great for this, but you can use water-infused arrows, weapons, or thrown items as well.

Use Ascent under where it hung to travel to the platform above and take out the Chuchu and Zonite Constructs. Find the corner with the bubble generator and use Ultrahand on the nearby slab to position it on an angle along the bubble's path - you can pair it with a floating Zonite platform to make it easier. This will enable the bubble to bounce up toward the platform further afield.

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Get in the bubble and ride it up, collecting a Large Zonite Charge from the chest. Leap off, glide, and use your bow in slow-motion to shoot an arrow at the gem switch inside the spinning tower, lowering the water level.

Collect the chest in the ruins around the drained pond for an Opal and use Sidon's ability again to spin the waterwheel, activating the third faucet.

Fourth Faucet - Water Temple B1

The fourth and final faucet is actually beneath the temple. From the island of the third faucet, jump off and glide to the corner left of the main terminal. Down the side here is an entranceway with a broken staircase leading away.

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Head inside, using Sidon's water shield to protect you from the flame wall. Turn off the floating platform and place it on top of the button by the flame wall to disable the trap, allowing Sidon to enter.

Glide across the spike floor below and shoot the floating platform to Ultrahand the chest toward you. Grab the orb and throw it to the other side. Attach it to an active platform and position it around halfway up the wall.

Climb back up the wall and use Ultrahand again on the platform with the orb. Keep the two items attached and rotate whole assembly so that the orb can be inserted into the slot on the wall with the floating platform keeping it from falling out.

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This little magic trick keeps the door to the final faucet open long enough for you and Sidon to spin the final wheel. If your battery could run out while you're in the wheel chamber, leave and allow it to recharge instead. Or just pop a Zonai Charge.

And, with that, you'll have a full water supply running through the temple. Head back to the central terminal and interact with it to begin the battle against the boss of the Water Temple.

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