World of Warcraft WotLK Classic - Utgarde Pinnacle dungeon guide

Utgarde Pinnacle entrance

Utgarde Pinnacle entrance
September 26, 2022: Wrath Classic launches today!

If you're getting into World of Warcraft's Wrath of the Lich King Classic expansion, then one of the big things that you'll be doing is the many dungeons. There's a good amount of them, each with some special mechanics that need to be handled. As such, our Utgarde Pinnacle dungeon guide will cover everything about the dungeon, especially if you're doing it for the first time.

We'll cover any quests that you can do in the dungeon, as well as boss mechanics and things to be on the look out for. This is one of the higher level dungeons of the expansion, so it's a bit more challenging than anything before this.

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Utgarde Pinnacle dungeon guide

When you first walk into the dungeon, there will be three quests for you to pick up.

  • Junk in My Trunk
  • Vengeance Be Mine!
  • Working at the Source

Vengeance Be Mine! and Working at the source just require you to go through the dungeon and kill the named bosses. Junk in My Trunk requires you to locate some random items around the dungeon. These will be highlighted in a yellow outline to note that you need them.

First room in Utgarde Pinnacle
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Afterwards proceed into the next room. There will be skeleton mobs along the sides of the room that you can ignore. the two main packs will be at the bottom of the ramp. If you have a tank with a ranged taunt, you can taunt the first two mobs, and once those two are dead, take care of the other two. Make sure that you interrupt the casters, which will be something you should do in all dungeons where possible.

first outdoor hallway in utgarde pinnacle
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Afterwards head into the room to the right, and head up the pathway, killing packs as you go. Once you reach the end and head inside, you'll be faced with the first boss.

Svala Sorrowgrave
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Svala Sorrowgrave

Svala Sorrowgrave is the first boss and there are three main abilities.

  • Sinister Strike
  • Call Flames
  • Ritual of the Sword

The only ability to really worry about here is the Ritual of the Sword. When this is cast, everyone should swap and kill off the Channelers immediately to release the held person. After that, just kill the boss and move on.

Next, towards the door next to the altar, and head up the next set of stairs, killing mobs along the way. At the top of the stairs you'll find the next encounter.

Gortok Palehoof from Utgarde Pinnacle
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Gortok Palehoof

For this next encounter, you'll see a few different large enemies in the room. Touching the pedestal at the head of the room will start the encounter. Two of these hunting trophies (all four on Heroic) will become active, and need to be defeated. Once all four have been beaten Gortok will become active. Here are the abilities for each of the enemies.

Ferocious Rhino

  • Grievous Wounds
  • Gore
  • Stomp

Frenzied Worgen

  • Mortal Wound
  • Engrage

Massive Jormungar

  • Acid Spit
  • Poison Breath
  • Acid Splatter

Ravenous Furbolg

  • Crazed
  • Terrifying Roar
  • Chain Lightning

Gortok Palehoof

  • Withering Roar
  • Arcing Smash
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  • Impale

After this, head into the next outdoor patchway, and make your way through the enemies. You'll see the boss flying around on his proto-drake, so watch out for the breath attack that runs down one side of the path. Once you get to the end, you'll be able to start the next boss encounter.

Skadi the Ruthless in Utgarde Pinnacle
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Skadi, the Ruthless

For Skadi, the Ruthless you'll have to first knock him off his drake to damage him. Adds that spawn towards the end will drop spears on the ground. Click on them, and when you see the text that he's near the harpoons, click on the harpoons to shoot those spears at him. Once you kill his drake, he'll drop down on to the platform.

Skadi has three main abilities here that you need to deal with.

  • Whirlwind
  • Crush
  • Poisoned Sphere

The big thing here is to really stay out of the whirlwind as much as possible, as that damage can add up very quickly if you're not careful. Otherwise whack away at him until he falls.

Stair skip in utgarde pinnacle
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Head through the door and down the stairs. You can skip the abomination on the middle platform by dropping down but you'll probably take a little fall damage. Kill the mobs in this room, and head into the next. This next room will have a couple packs that should be tanked separately. You can skip the abomination at the back of the room as well, just make sure to pull the second pack back a bit and interrupt the casters in the group. Head up the ramp to the final boss.

King Ymiron in utgarde Pinnacle
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King Ymiron

King Ymiron is the final boss of this dungeon. He has a suite of abilities and periodically will gain new abilities. Here's what you're going to have to deal with.

Gift of the Fallen Kings: At 66% and 33% (80%, 60%, 40% and 20% on Heroic), King Ymiron will call upon a fallen Vrykul king to give him a new ability. He will keep this ability until he picks a new fallen king

  • Spirit Burst:
  • Summon Spirit Fount
  • Spirit Strike
  • Summon Avenging Spirits

Scream of the Dead: When a king is chosen, Ymiron will scream, stunning all players for eight seconds.

Bane: Ymiron surrounds himself with an aura that inflicts shadow damage to all players within 10 yards whenever he takes damage. This lasts for five seconds.

Dark Slash: Ymiron his a player dealing half their current health as damage.

Fetid Rot: Ymiron afflicts a player with Fetid Rot, inflicting damage very three seconds, and decreases healing received by 25% for nine seconds.

For this fight, there's a bit going on here. You'll want to try and push through each of the Fallen Kings abilities quickly, especially the Spirit Strike and Avenging Spirits abilities. The other two can get stressful on the healer, so definitely try to hit those thresholds. On top of that, Stop damage during Bane until it goes away. Healers should top up the player hit by Dark Slash, and the Fetid Rot is a disease that can be cleansed.

And that's the dungeon! As we said earlier, Utgarde Pinnacle is one of the higher level dungeons in the expansion, so it's a bit more tricky than any of the dungeons before it. Be sure to stay tuned to our other dungeon guides in Wrath Classic as well. That being said, while you're here, if you're interested in more Classic content, be sure to check out our guide for the must have addons for Wrath, as well as our guide to making your very own Death Knight.

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