How to get to Dalaran in WotLK Classic

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Dalaran in Wrath of the Lich King

Wondering how to get to Dalaran in WotLK Classic? The icy tundras of Northrend can be a treacherous place, and finding that central hub, that place to call home is important. So we'll help you find your way to that warm hearth as quickly and easily as you can.

Without the assistance of addons, there's a lot of things in World of Warcraft that are a tall order for a lot of people, especially getting around. You'll be moving from zone to zone while questing, but locating Dalaran is a pretty important thing, as it's the main hub city in Northrend.

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How to get to Dalaran in WotLK Classic

There's a few different ways to get to Dalaran in WotLK Classic. Let's look at those options

Mage Portal

First off, if you're a Mage or have a Mage in your party, you have the easiest path to Dal. When you hit level 74 as a Mage, you can learn the "Portal: Dalaran" spell from your every day portal trainer. This is a pretty important thing to pick up, as it'll be a great gold making tool. People will have their hearthstone set to Orgrimmar or Stormwind, or some other tavern, so if you can provide a portal, sometimes people will tip you for your services.


If you're not a Mage, then you do have another option, and that's a quest that will get you to the main city. This quest is called "The Magical Kingdom of Dalaran", and can be found in multiple places throughout Northrend.



Once you have accepted the quest, talk with the NPC again, and click through their dialogue. They will port you to Dalaran. This is a one time quest though, so once you do this, there's a few things you'll want to make sure that you do immediately.

First, you can set your hearth to one of the inns here to ensure that you have a reliable port back. The other thing that you'll want to do is, when you get to Krasus's Landing, head towards the main area of Dalaran, and head into the room directly across the entrance (picture below).

Doorway to the teleporting triangle in Dalaran in Wrath of the Lich King
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If you click on the purple floating triangle, it will take you to the Violet Stand, below the city. You'll want to pick up the quest "Learning to Leave and Return: the Magical Way". This will give you another way into the city should your hearth be down, via the triangle in the Violet Stand.

Cold Weather Flight

Obviously, the methods above will be good for a little while, until you're able to learn Cold Weather Flying and purchase it for your alts. First thing, you'll need to unlock Cold Weather Flight on a level 80 character. From here, you can purchase a Tome of Cold Weather Flight.


This heirloom item can be sent to alts and be learned by level 68+ characters, allowing you to fly in Northrend during your questing. Cold Weather Flight is the easiest way to get into Dalaran, but one that takes the longest. Though the time saved via flight is well worth it if you're going to level alts.

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