What is a good ping speed?

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If you play online games, especially FPS titles, you might be wondering what the good ping speed is. For those who don’t know, ping is a measure of how fast your internet connection can communicate with other devices on the web. It is essential for online activities that require real-time interaction, such as gaming, video conferencing, or streaming.

A good ping speed means that you can send and receive data quickly and smoothly without experiencing lag or buffering. This article will explain what factors affect your ping speed and how to improve it if it is too high.

What is a good ping speed for gaming

A good ping speed depends on what kind of online activity you are doing. The best ping for gaming is generally below 20ms; however,  ping up to 50ms can still provide a smooth gaming experience.

Is high ping good or bad?

To put it simply, high ping is bad in gaming. It can give you a disadvantage and lower your chances of winning. Apart from this, it can make your game laggy and unresponsive. As a result, you’re more likely to miss shots or targets or get hit by enemies. It can also affect your coordination and cooperation with your teammates. In other words, high ping can make gaming frustrating and unfair.

What causes high ping?

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High ping in games can be caused by various factors, such as:

  • Your internet speed or bandwidth. If your internet plan is slow or you are using too much data, your ping can increase.
  • Your distance from the game server. If you are playing on a server that is far away from your location, your ping can be higher.
  • Your network congestion or interference. If there are too many devices or users on your network or there are obstacles or sources of interference near your router or modem, your ping can suffer.
  • Your hardware or software issues. If your device or game is outdated, corrupted, or infected, your ping can be affected.

How does ping impact professional gaming?

Ping plays a crucial role in professional gaming. It directly impacts the results of competitive games as it can create an edge or a drawback for players or teams. Ping decides the precision or speed of abilities or actions. It can also impact the interaction and cooperation of players or teams. In short, ping can be the key to victory or defeat in professional gaming.

How to fix high ping?

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You can follow these tips and tricks to fix high ping:

  • Use a wired connection instead of Wi-Fi
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  • Close any background programs or apps that use the internet
  • Move closer to your router or modem
  • Switch to a different server or region
  • Upgrade your internet plan or equipment
  • Use IPv6 as it is better for gaming in comparison to IPv4

What is latency in gaming?

Latency in gaming or gaming ping is the time delay between your input and the game’s response. It can make gaming less enjoyable and more difficult. Low latency is better for gaming as it means smoother and faster gameplay.


In conclusion, ping is a measure of how fast your connection to the game server is. A good ping rate for gaming is generally below 20ms, but anything up to 50ms can still provide a smooth gaming experience. A higher ping can cause lag, delays, and frustration. To reduce your ping, try using a wired connection, closing unnecessary programs, adjusting your router settings, or using a gaming VPN. By improving your ping speed, you can enjoy online gaming more and gain an edge over your opponents.

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