Does Warzone 2 have proximity chat?

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Warzone 2 player jumping our of plane
Credit: Activision
November 21, 2022: Warzone 2 is out now and players are making the most of proximity chat. Scroll down for all there is to know.

Warzone 2 is out right now. The latest Call of Duty battle royale comes with plenty of innovation and change from the previous game alongside a new weapon arsenal and a new map packed with plenty of new areas to explore.


Alongside the new elements, there's one question on the minds of players preparing to drop into the action. Does Warzone 2 have proximity chat? The feature works well in other games and could be used to communicate with nearby opposition.

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Will Warzone 2 have proximity chat?

Activision confirms Warzone 2 has proximity chat which is a first for the shooter franchise. Following the Call of Duty Next event, proximity chat appears to be enabled by default.


As soon as you drop into Al Mazrah, you can hear other players in your match.

What is Warzone 2 proximity chat?

For those unfamiliar with proximity chat, it's a line of communication that opens when you're near another player during a match. You'll have the ability to hear what they're saying and they can hear what you're saying resulting in another layer of strategy.


Choose to lure them in by relaying false intel or keep your comms coded to stop them from planning a counter attack. At the time of writing, it's unclear if Warzone 2 proximity chat is a permanent feature that's on all the time or if there are options that allow players to switch it off. Once we hear more information on the feature, we'll update the guide with the latest proximity chat intel.

Warzone 2 players standing close to metal wall
Credit: Activision

Is Warzone 2 proximity chat worth using?

With Warzone 2 Season One underway, it's unclear if proximity chat is worth using during a match. There's a chance it could point you in the direction of your next kill but it could lead to an early trip to the gulag.


Once we drop into the action to test proximity chat, we'll share our final verdict on the feature and if it provides any major advantages in the battle royale.

Warzone 2 release date

Warzone 2 launches on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation on November 16, 2022 alongside the first season of post-launch content. This means players have access to new weapons in addition to the Modern Warfare 2 arsenal, a new battle pass, and more.


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