Vanguard Season 5 release time: When does the update go live?

Image showing Vanguard player crouching and holding gun
Credit: Activision

The Vanguard cycle is coming to a close after five seasons of content. Sledgehammer Games' latest title missed the mark in several areas but still delivered fast-paced multiplayer synonymous with the franchise. Season 5 will be the final season and with the developer looking to give the game a fitting send-off, players are looking for information on the Vanguard Season 5 release time.

Typically, the new season launches ahead of Warzone and allows players to get a taste of the new weapons before dropping into the battle royale.

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Vanguard Season 5 countdown

Vanguard Season 5 start time

Season 5 of Vanguard will begin on August 23 at 5PM BST which means there's not long until the new season begins. Assuming there are no delays, this is when Season 5 gets underway.

Vanguard Season 5 content

Unlike the previous seasons of Vanguard, there's plenty of focus on multiplayer and zombies. Fans of the undead will get their hands on The Archon map while multiplayer receives all kinds of new content. Here's what the new season has in store:

  • EX1 energy rifle
  • RA 225 SMG
  • New Operators
  • New battle pass
  • 2 new multiplayer maps

This amount of content is typical of a new season and although the focus is primarily on Warzone, there's still plenty to play in Vanguard.

Will Vanguard Season 5 be good?

Considering Season 5 is the final season for Vanguard, many are hoping Sledgehammer Games can deliver to give the community a solid experience before the launch of Modern Warfare 2.

It's safe to say Vanguard hasn't lived up to the expectations of players, with many already hoping Infinity Ward can deliver another blockbuster experience with a sequel to 2019's Modern Warfare. Let's hope Season 5 of Vanguard can keep players tied over until the new game launches at the end of October.

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