How to fix The Outlast Trials crashing and lagging

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Multiple characters are fighting in The Outlast Trials.

This game has many various performance issues that players have run into, so today we will tell you how to fix The Outlast Trials crashing and lagging. This topic is very important as the game is still in early access.

In this guide, we'll give you some tips on how to fix different issues with crashing and lagging to make The Outlast Trials work properly. You can try a couple of these methods and perhaps they will help you!

How to fix crashing and lagging in The Outlast Trials

Check out these tips, which will hopefully resolve any crashing or lagging you're running into while playing The Outlast Trials.

Make sure your device meets the game’s system requirements

Currently, The Outlast Trials is only available on PC. This platform is known for its huge variety of elements that you can customise. So, you will need to make sure that your computer is able to run the game.

Go to the game’s Steam page and check its system requirements. If your device does not match them, then it may be the reason why The Outlast Trials doesn’t work.

The character in The Outlast Trials.
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Lower your graphics settings

If your PC is unable to run this game on high graphics settings, then you should adjust them. Use the Settings menu to disable certain options and lower some parameters.

Update your graphics driver

It is a very useful habit to check your drivers every time a new major game comes out. The developers of your graphics card release many updates to help your device run the latest games better. So, check if your graphics drivers are updated.

Verify the integrity of files

If the game’s files are corrupted or damaged, then you will need to use a special feature to fix this issue. Here’s a list of steps to verify their integrity:

  • Open the Steam Library.
  • Click on The Outlast Trials.
  • Open the Properties menu.
  • Open the Local Files tab.
  • Click on the Verify Integrity of Game Files button.
  • Wait until the end of the procedure.
The monster in The Outlast Trials.
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Try to update or reinstall The Outlast Trials

Sometimes new patches may be installed incorrectly. In this case, you will need to update the game manually. If that doesn’t help, then you can try to reinstall it.

Use the Task Manager to set high priority for The Outlast Trials


Sometimes setting a game to high priority can help it work better. In order to do this with The Outlast Trials, follow these steps:

  • Open the Task Manager. You can do this with the help of the Start Menu.
  • Open the Processes tab and find The Outlast Trials.
  • Select this task and set its priority to High.

Run The Outlast Trials as an administrator

Running the game as an administrator can also help you. Right-click on the game’s icon and choose the Run This Program as an Administrator option.

The Outlast Trials may be unable to work properly for various reasons, and hopefully, your problems will be solved and you will be able to enjoy this horror game!

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