What are the best Rigs to use in The Outlast Trials?

A character strapped to a chair in The Outlast Trials.

A character strapped to a chair in The Outlast Trials.

If you want to stand any chance of survival, you'll need to know the best Rigs to use in The Outlast Trials. This topic is quite important, especially if you don’t have four players on your team.

So, we are going to tell you about all the Rigs in The Outlast Trials, and how useful each one is. Hopefully, this information will help you optimise your loadout and increase your chances of survival!

Best Rigs to use in The Outlast Trials

In The Outlast Trials, Rigs are special skills that you can use to improve your character. Each of them can be upgraded, and you can’t put them all in the same loadout.

The Outlast Trials has four different Rigs, and if you have four players on your team, you’ll be able to take advantage of all of those special skills. However, if you are alone, then you will need to decide on one. We will tell you which of these Rigs is best.

The X-Ray Rig

This ability allows you to see through various obstacles. The X-Ray Rig helps you find more items and monitor your foes, but it’s not as useful as the crowd control or support abilities you can get from other Rigs.

The Blind Rig

This Rig gives you the ability to place mines. If an enemy approaches one of them, you will be able to detonate it and spread blinding gas. So, this is a good Rig for crowd control and defence, giving you time to flee. Of course, having an opportunity to disable your enemies is really useful, but this game has a couple of more valuable options.

The Stun Rig

The Stun Rig allows you to use bricks that you can find all over the map and throw them at your enemies. They allow you to stun your foes, which is another good way to protect yourself. This Rig is more valuable as it doesn’t require you to rely on mines. Also, it is the best Rig if you play alone.

The Heal Rig

Finally, we come to the best Rig in this game. This Rig can create clouds of special healing gas that allow you to heal yourself. Also, it works on your teammates and it makes this ability a must-have option in multiplayer.

The character is fighting with a monster in The Outlast Trials
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How to unlock Rigs in The Outlast Trials

Rigs in The Outlast Trials can be purchased from Cornelius Noakes. You can get access to this NPC by progressing through the game and completing your first quests. He can sell you these four Rigs and upgrade them.

In The Outlast Trials, you have many different options for upgrading your character and hopefully, this guide will help you learn how the Rigs work. Use this information to deal with your enemies and save your teammates!

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