How to get Amps in The Outlast Trials

The character in The Outlast Trials.

The character in The Outlast Trials.

In order to survive all the trials in this game, you will need to use everything that makes you stronger, and today we will tell you how to get Amps in The Outlast Trials. These special upgrades will definitely help you on your journey.

There is an NPC who can sell you these Amps, and we are going to explain to you how to obtain them. Also, we will tell you how to equip these items, and how many of them are in the game.

How to get Amps in The Outlast Trials

In The Outlast Trials, there is an NPC named Dorris. You can find her in the Cafeteria. She can sell you Amps, but not at the beginning of your journey. You will have to reach certain Therapy Levels to unlock these Amps.

Once your character reaches Therapy Level 10, Dorris will unlock the first Amp for you. The other Amps can be unlocked by getting more Therapy Levels. Usually, these upgrades become available every two levels. For example, the second and third Amps will be unlocked at levels 12 and 14, respectively.

The character sits on the chair in The Outlast Trials.
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What are Amps and why are they important in The Outlast Trials?

In The Outlast Trials, Amps are special upgrades that provide your character with various bonuses. In that sense, they function similarly to perks in the Call of Duty franchise.

There are nine Amps in total, and each of them has a significant impact on your in-game performance. So, try to unlock them as soon as possible if you want to make your playthrough easier.

How to equip Amps in The Outlast Trials

Amps can be equipped with the help of the Central Terminal. This allows you to check your current Therapy Level and customise your loadout. In the loadout menu, you can equip up to three different Amps at once.

The Outlast Trials is filled with deadly enemies and creepy locations. So, use your Amps to make it easier to survive in such dangerous surroundings!

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