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If you've saved the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Fire Temple as your last of the four, you've saved yourself a lot of stress. This underground monolith blocks the passage to its main chamber with five gongs connected via elaborate mine cart tracks. It's a nightmare to navigate, but with the right equipment (and a few choice Sages) you'll have a much easier time getting through.

Down below, we'll break up the Tears of the Kingdom Fire Temple into a straightforward path, showing you how to go from one gong to the next. We'll also talk a little about which items and gear you'll want to bring along for the ride, and how you can cheese the whole place if you're struggling for materials.

How to get to the Fire Temple

We've covered how to reach the Fire Temple at length in a dedicated guide here. For a brief explainer, you'll reach the dungeon by heading to Goron City and completing a quest focused on the YonoboCo boss.

You'll fight the influenced Goron leader, scale Death Mountain, and wind up in the Depths below, traveling through the dark annals until you reach the dungeon.

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First Gong

As soon as you step foot into the Fire Temple in Eldin Canyon Depths, you'll want to talk to Yonobo again and use his ability to destroy the rock blocking the door. Head inside and activate the terminal to gain your teleport point and gong markers on the map.

Facing the door, take the path to the right. Hop across the lava stream and use the hydrant by the next to make a platform, move it up, and make another. Cross again.

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Hop in the mine cart and ride it along the track you found it on. Shoot the switch on the left to progress straight ahead into the next room. Take one of the hydrants by the carts on your left and carry it to the lava beyond the Fire-Like. Use it to create a path across the lava to the boulder and fire Yunobo along it to gain access.

Grab the Zonai Device capsules around the room and fire Yunobo against the gong to activate it, unlocking the first padlock.

Second Gong

Head back up beyond where the Fire-Like was and hit the switch by the track to open the gate. Ride a cart along the new path, using Yunobo to destroy the rock in the way, the enemy that appears from the right, and the switch just ahead.

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Hit the rotator switch at the end of the line and ride it again until you come to a stop. Hit the switch to rotate the track and open the way, continuing to find ten arrows. Head back to the previous stop and across the bridge. Hit the switch to lower the rail to the left-most track.

Shoot Yunobo against the rock on the far-left side of the lava to uncover a water stream. Hope along the platforms it creates to the other side. Sneakstrike the construct by the gong and use Yunobo to ring it out.

Third Gong

Head back to the rail and fire an arrow at the distant switch to raise the track up again to reach 3F. Hit the closest switch twice to flip its position and hit the adjacent switch once to raise it up.

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Hop in the nearby cart and blast Yunobo against the rock you'll spot on the left as you go around the gong room. This reveals another water spout.

Head into the gong chamber and keep plucking magma platforms out of the lava until you have enough to pair with the longer one to create a ramp for Yunobo to roll up. Set it against the rock and give the instruction to ring the third gong.

Fourth Gong

Here's where I started to get a little confused and maybe go against the design of the dungeon a bit.

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Take the cart back to 3F. Grab what you want from near the construct and ride the moderately broken cart on the left of the nearby rails up to the area above. You'll need some thrust to carry the cart over the broken line, but a rocket strapped to the front should do the trick.

You can just cheese this part by climbing up into the gong chamber from the destructible rock over the broken bridge. That's how I did it. Behind the wall is a chest with some platforms you can pair with the Balloon capsule near the broken bridge, too.

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If you have more stamina, a rocket, or some firewood and a pinecone for an intense flame you can glide with, send Yunobo up the shorter bridge against the climbing wall straight ahead. He'll ride up and create an opening in the ceiling and drop a climbing crate down to give you a little lift.

Either way, find a way up into the chamber above and ring that gong.

Fifth Gong

Clearly frustrated with the apparent red herring solution to the fifth gong, I used a similar process to reach the final one. I'd tried using another magma ramp to destroy the big rock near the third gong to no avail. It now being the last one I personally needed, I got to climbing. And it worked just fine.

You can probably find a rail track near the boulder that Yunobo can fling himself from. If you do, extend the ramp you used for the third gong and set it against the opening to gain entrance to the last gong.

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If you can't, just glide toward it and climb. There are enough footholds in the towering structure for you to take energy breaks. Shimmy to the right of it to reach a track with a concealed switch. Activate it to complete the track and ride the cart down, firing Yunobo against the rock as you go. Climb (or make the aforementioned bridge) back to the opening the rock created and fall down the hole to reach the final gong.

Teleport back to the main entrance and activate the terminal to lower the draw bridge leading to the boss room. For a few choice words on how to beat Marbled Ghoma, just click that link.

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