All Hidden Chests in Super Mario RPG

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Mario looking off into the distance

Mario has always had a knack for finding invisible blocks and treasure chests. His earliest adventures were full of hidden items to find along the way and his excursion into the role-playing game genre is no different. That’s why we’ll be helping you locate all Hidden Chests in Super Mario RPG with this guide.

Super Mario RPG is a role-playing game where everyone’s favourite princess-saving plumber takes centre stage once again. Joining him will be a cast of colourful characters – some new, and some familiar to the franchise.

Treasure chests will be a great help on your adventure with Mario and his pals. For even more help with locating the Hidden Chests in Super Mario RPG, feel free to read our guide on how to find the Signal Ring.

Hidden Chest Locations

Hidden Chests in Super Mario RPG are called so because they are invisible until you discover them. On top of that, a lot of these Hidden Chests are in places that aren’t easily reached.

So, here’s a quick rundown of how to get to every Hidden Chest in Super Mario RPG.

Mushroom Kingdom Item Shop #1

Enter the basement to speak with the Toad there and follow his instructions. You will receive a Flower from this chest.

Mushroom Kingdom Item Shop #2

After speaking with the Toad in the basement, hop onto his head and jump when he walks to the eastern corner of the room to receive another Flower.

Inside the Mushroom Kingdom Item Shop basement
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Mushroom Kingdom Castle

Enter the castle and keep moving straight until you see a Toad near a set of double doors. Hop onto the Toad’s head so you can jump onto the ledge above the doors to reach the Hidden Chest.

This Hidden Chest will net you a Frog Coin.

Bandit’s Way

Head straight after entering Bandit’s Way until you reach the next area with a spinning flower. Jump onto the spinning flower to reach an elevated area that has two floating platforms next to it.

Use these platforms to reach a second elevated area that leads into another section of the map with a spinning flower. Hop onto the flower and jump off of it to open the Hidden Chest to obtain a Croaka Cola.

Rose Town Item Shop

Enter the town’s Item Shop and get onto the shelf behind the counter. Head for the northern corner of the shop and jump for the Frog Coin inside the Hidden Chest.

Rose Town House

Look for the house in Rose Town that sits atop a cliff. You’ll need to jump onto another Toad’s head to enter the house for the first time.

Once you’re inside the house, head upstairs and the Hidden Chest will be right next to the bed. Inside will be another Frog Coin.

Forest Maze #1

Head for the eastern corner of the small clearing near the forest entrance. This Hidden Chest will contain one Croaka Cola.

Forest Maze #2

Enter the tree stump and traverse the underground area. Once you exit the underground area, the Hidden Chest should be to the left of the tree stump you jumped out of. Inside this chest is another Frog Coin.

A Hidden Chest in the Froest Maze
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Forest Maze #3

After obtaining the second Hidden Chest in the Forest Maze, make your way to the next area. Here, you’ll find two rows of tree stumps. Jump onto the first tree stump on the upper row to enter another underground area.

Once you’ve landed, the Hidden Chest should be just a few steps to the left of the spring on the ground. This chest will reward you with a Flower.

Forest Maze #4

While still in the section of the Forest Maze with rows of tree stumps, enter the middle stump on the lower row. The chest should be a short distance north of the spring.

Upon discovering this Hidden Chest, you will not receive any items. Instead, you’ll get a message that reads “Bad luck!”

Forest Maze #5

At the end of the two rows of tree stumps, you’ll find a seventh stump you can jump into. Enter the stump and walk to the other side of the room.

The wall directly across from the spring is where you’ll find the Hidden Chest. Open it to obtain a Croaka Cola.

Forest Maze #6

Go through the rest of the Forest Maze until you get to the Save Block. Once you’re in this part of the forest, turn left right away and the chest will be in the bottom corner.

This Hidden Chest will reward you with a Red Essence.

Pipe Vault

In the third area of the Pipe Vault, jump into the first pipe after the one you entered from. Upon landing, take a couple of steps forward and jump to reveal a yell platform.

Use the platform to reach the upper section of this corridor and you can find a Hidden Chest after moving up a few steps. Move forward a little bit more, and you’ll find yet another Hidden Chest. Both of these chests will give you Frog Coins.

Yo’ster Isle

Head for the section of Yo’ster Isle with the Save Block and the pipe that connects to the Pipe Vault. Move around the Save Block to get to the small area behind it and you’ll find a Hidden Chest containing a Frog Coin.

Booster Pass #1

Upon entering Booster Pass, head north until you find a mine entrance with a flat surface above it. You’ll see a green plant sitting right above the entrance.

Make your way to this plan and hop onto it. Jump to obtain a Flower from the Hidden Chest.

Booster Pass #2

Climb up the series of ledges that will lead you to the north exit of the first area. Right before you reach said exit, jump in the corner to receive the Rock Candy from the Hidden Chest.

Hidden treasure in Booster Pass
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Booster Tower #1

After entering Booster Tower make your way to the ledge to enter the area with a bunch of Sniffits constantly entering in a single file. The chest will be in the corner right in front of where the Sniffits are coming in from.

You will obtain another Frog Coin from this chest.

Booster Tower #2

In the area where some Sniffits are landing on some platforms via parachute, head to the corner on the left side of your screen. The chest here will give you a Frog Coin.

Booster Tower #3

In the room with the Save Block and yellow platforms, move to the corner near the yellow platform that’s on the ground. You will get a Mushroom from this chest.

While in the same room, hop across the yellow platforms and jump on top of the visible Treasure Chest. Once you’ve landed on the chest, jump again to reveal the Hidden Chest above it and obtain the Goodie Bag.


Go to the Marrymore Hotel and enter the room on the second floor. Turn left immediately after entering the room and jump onto the bookshelf.

The chest here will score you another Frog Coin.

Sunken Ship

In the hallway where you find a Mario doppelganger mirroring your movements, try to jump onto the clone’s head while you’re near the wall opposite the exits. Jump again while standing on the duplicate Mario to reach the Hidden Chest with a Croaka Cola.

Do not speak with the clone as this will trigger a battle. Defeat the doppelganger and you’ll have to leave the Sunken Ship and enter once again to give it another try.

Land’s End #1

Hop onto the levitating yellow platform that’s right by the Land’s End entrance. Jump once the platform reaches the very top of its path to get the Red Essence inside the Hidden Chest.

Land’s End #2

Land onto the moving yellow platform after launching yourself from the cannon in the second section of Land’s End. After successfully reaching this platform, jump onto the nearby ledge.

The Hidden Chest will be on the left side of this ledge and it will contain a Croaka Cola.

Land’s End #3

In the grassy area with a Save Block and some Stingers buzzing about, look for a row of three purple flowers on the right side of the map. Get on top of the second flower and try to jump to the third one from there.

You should reveal the Hidden Chest while trying to close the gap between these two flowers. Inside will be a Frog Coin.

Land’s End #4

Make it to the very end of the cave area and the chest will be in the northern corner. Inside will be a Frog Coin.

Belome Temple

After going down the green pipe and through the large raising gate, go down the stairs and the Hidden Chest will be in the corner formed by all the ledges next to the stairway.

In this same room, make your way up the ledges near the stairs to jump on top of the visible Treasure Chest. Jump again to reveal the Hidden Chests. Both of the Hidden Chests in this room contain Frog Coins.

Monstro Town

In the small area with a blue door and a note pinned next to it, head for the corner to the left. The chest should be right next to the flowers and it will reward you with a Frog Coin.

The Hidden Chest in Monstro Town
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Bean Valley #1

Enter Bean Valley and go through the pipe on the right. In the next area, head left and jump in the corner for another Hidden Chest containing a Frog coin.

Bean Valley #2

In the area with the five pipes that have Piranha Plants, enter the one closest to the southeastern exit. Make a U-turn to reach the end of the room and the Hidden Chest should be near the corner.

This Hidden Chest contains a Croaka Cola.

Bean Valley #3

Back in the place with five pipes with Piranha Plants, enter the pipe on the far right. It’s just above the one that leads you to the Hidden Chest with the Croaka Cola.

The Hidden Chest here is on the right side of the room. It will have a Red Essence inside.

Nimbus Land Item Shop

Enter the Item Shop and climb up the boxes behind the shop owner. Jump after reaching the top of the boxes to receive a Frog Coin.

Nimbus Castle #1

Make your way through the castle until you reach the left wing. There should be some stairs here that lead you down to a Jawful.

There is a Hidden Chest right above where the Jawful was standing and another within the dark area you can reach through the nearby gap. Both of these chests contain Frog Coins.

Nimbus Castle #2

Enter the room behind where you fought the Birdo. Hop onto the visible treasure box and jump again to reveal the Hidden Chest with a Frog Coin inside.

Nimbus Castle #3

In the castle hall with three doors, jump in the corner behind the bird cage. This chest will contain another Frog Coin.

This Hidden Chest will only show up after defeating Valentina and freeing the royal family.

Weapon World

When you reach a small room with a Save Block, you’ll find the final Hidden Chest right next to the save point in the corner to the left. It will have a Mushroom inside.

And that wraps up our guide on all Hidden Chest locations in Super Mario RPG. For more help with the role-playing game, we’ve also got guides on how to complete Toadofsky songs at Melody Bay and how to get to Yo’ster Isle.

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