How old is Lily in Street Fighter 6?

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how old is lily
Credit: capcom

Street Fighter 6 has a lot of newcomers to the franchise, a total of seven. A member of the Thunderfoot tribe, Lily is one of the new faces and perhaps the youngest member of the entire SF6 roster. That begs the question: how old is Lily in Street Fighter 6?

Officially named Lily Hawk, she's a very upbeat girl that sets out on a journey across the world seeking to become stronger so that she can become a reliable guardian for the Thunderfoot tribe.

With Street Fighter 6 finally pushing the convoluted timeline of the franchise past the events of Street Fighter III, we were bound to see characters like Lily who had very little to do with prior events in the series.

How old is Lily in Street Fighter 6?

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Credit: Capcom
Lily is a newcomer to the Street Fighter franchise

Capcom has been more wary of putting exact dates on the events within the Street Fighter series as of recent titles. This is to avoid the trappings of SFIII and give characters a timeless feeling.

Still, SF6 did push the timeline further and it's now officially the oldest point in the entire franchise. So if you're wondering why Chun-Li appears to be retired from her duties as an Interpol agent and acts as a part-time kung-fu teacher in World Tour mode, that's why.

Pinning an exact age on newcomers like Lily is harder, though. We do know, according to a recent social media post by Capcom, that her birthday is on June 3.

Based on her character appearance and story presentation in arcade mode, many fans are assuming Lily's either in her late teens or early 20s. Until Capcom doesn't officially talk about Lily's age, all we can do is speculate.

Is Lily related to T. Hawk?

Before Street Fighter 6 was released, fans initially assumed that Lily was somehow related to one of the Thunderfoot tribe's biggest protectors, T. Hawk.

Not only because Lily inherited all of T. Hawk's move set, but because it would make sense considering that many years have passed since Street Fighter II, making her a perfect successor to one of the famous new challengers introduced to the franchise all the way back in 1993.

This is not the case. It's heavily implied that Lily is not related to T. Hawk in any way during her arcade mode story. She mentions the existence of a formidable warrior from the Thunderfoot tribe that inspired her to leave her home behind and go on a journey of self-discovery, referring to T. Hawk himself.


It's clear by the way Lily talks about T. Hawk that she's not referring to a father-daughter relationship but rather that of a distant mentor she seeks to emulate.

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