How to change avatar in Street Fighter 6

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Street Fighter 6 avatar creation menu face zoom in red eyes muscular man

Street Fighter 6 has attracted a lot of attention for its extremely detailed and very liberal character creation system. The character creation system lets you create anything from well-designed unique characters to grotesque abominations that barely resemble humans. So if you're not satisfied with your look, you need to know how to change avatar in Street Fighter 6.

Luckily, there are multiple methods to go about changing your avatar with a different one available for Battle Hub Mode and World Tour Mode. So, if you want to keep returning to test the limits of the character creation menu, here's how you can go about changing your avatar in Street Fighter 6.

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How to change avatar in Street Fighter 6

If you're not satisfied with the avatar that you've created or want to dive back into Street Fighter 6's crazy character creation menu, there are a couple of ways. However, note that both these methods only apply to their respective game modes and will require a certain amount of in-game currency.

the character customisation screen in Street Fighter 6
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World Tour mode

There are two locations you can go to customise your avatar's look in the World Tour mode.

Firstly, we have the Style Lab Beauty Salon on Beat Street in Metro City. Head over to Beat Street and look for the clothes store. You can find the Style Lab Beauty Salon directly opposite it. Alternatively, look for the yellow muscular pose waypoint that appears on your map.

The second option is to head to Doctor L’s Beauty Salon in Central Bazaar in Old Nayshall. However, note that this option only unlocks once you reach level 10. The services offered here are identical to the Style Lab Beauty Salon. Furthermore, both locations charge the same 1000 Zenny price tag, so feel free to pick whichever one.

Battle Hub


Alternatively, you can customise your avatar directly from the Battle Hub. Just enter any Battle Hub lobby and head around to the back and right of the central cabinet area. You'll find a clerk on a counter similar to where you would purchase clothing from. Talk to him, and he will let you exchange 50 Drive Tickets for the service of changing your avatar. You can farm these quite easily by taking part in online battles.

That covers the two primary methods on how to change your avatar in Street Fighter 6. If you're looking for more content, check out our in-depth Street Fighter 6 Review and beginner tips.

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