How to block in Street Fighter 6

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A fighter grinning in Street Fighter 6.
Credit: capcom

Fighting games are more nuanced than what people believe. How to block in Street Fighter 6 can be a foreign concept to a lot (even at higher ranks!), with the game providing tons of tools that incentivise offensive play.

If you're a newcomer, figuring out how to block overheads, cross-ups, highs, and lows can be confusing, so we're here to help!

How to block in Street Fighter 6

To block in Street Fighter 6, simply hold the backward direction on your controller! Easy enough, right? In all seriousness, that's the basics of it. However, Street Fighter 6 offers plenty of tools to open up an opponent.

First up are high and low attacks. For high attacks, simply block holding back. You'll cover every aerial move too, with the exception of cross-ups, but more on those later.

If your opponent is throwing low attacks, like crouching normals, or other types of special moves, you need to hold down and back. It's recommended that you generally train yourself to block holding down and back since you can block both highs and lows this way. Now, let's go into more specific scenarios.

Ryu in Street Fighter 6.
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Credit: Capcom
Blocking requires patience

How to block overheads in Street Fighter 6

Overheads are designed to open up players who are constantly blocking all highs and lows by holding down back as we just mentioned. These moves always need to be blocked standing, meaning if you keep holding down, you'll get hit.

These usually have a low startup to give the opponent time to react, so good players tend to mix their pressure by not abusing the usage of overheads.

One more thing regarding overheads: all aerial moves have this property. Not all fighters have access to grounded overheads, so be sure to do your homework and see which ones could cause you trouble.

How to block cross-ups in Street Fighter 6

Cross-ups are unique moves that are also designed to trick defending players and open them up. It's essentially a well-timed aerial move that hits the back of an opponent.

Blocking a cross-up requires practice and good reactions, but if you see someone trying to jump over you they'll most likely try to hit you with one. In such a case, immediately change the direction of where you're blocking.

Can you block throws in Street Fighter 6?


No, you can't block throws since they're designed to be direct counterplay. You can tech them by inputting the throw command yourself at the right time.

Do keep in mind that command grabs can't be techable, and you either have to jump over them. This is hard to do on reaction, and it most likely will have to be a hard read on your part.

That's all you need to know about blocking in Street Fighter 6! If you're looking for more content, take a look at out SF6 character tier list while you're here. We do have a Street Fighter 6 beginner tips guide if you want more general advice as well.

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