Starfield preload times and download size

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how to preload Starfield on Xbox and Steam

Scouring the internet for everything you can find on Bethesda's first new IP in over 25 years, Starfield? The answer is probably yes, and so we've got you covered with all the information regarding the Starfield preload times and download size. It's the easiest way to make sure you can play the game the moment it's released, so it's definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Therefore, we'll talk you through the steps to preload the game onto your Xbox console, or on your Steam account, so you can dive into "Skyrim in space" as soon as possible.

How do I preload Starfield?

Starfield will be available to preload on both Xbox consoles and Windows (presumably Game Pass), and on Steam, although the dates for each platform differ slightly.

Preload Starfield on Xbox Series S/X, Xbox app, and Microsoft store

But if you're on Xbox, then good news! You'll get the preload slightly earlier, on August 17, 2023. To preload Starfield on your console, whether you have an Xbox Series S or X, simply follow the instructions below:

  • Head to the Microsoft store on your Xbox home screen.
  • Use the search function to search for 'Starfield'.
  • Once selected, hit 'download'.

Be sure to note, though, that if it says 'manage' and not 'download', then select it again and choose which parts of the game you want to download.

If you're preloading Starfield using the Microsoft store or Xbox app, you should have the option to download the preload if you search for the version of Starfield you've already purchased.

Preload on Steam

If you're playing on PC, you'll have to wait slightly longer to preload Bethesda's newest game. The Steam preload is set to go live on August 30, 2023. Below you can find instructions on how to preload Starfield via the Steam app once you've purchased it.

  • Head to your game library and select 'Starfield'.
  • There will be a 'preload' button available where it normally has a 'play' button.
  • The game will then begin the preload in the same way games normally download on Steam. You will be able to pause and resume the preload at any time.

Bethesda has also announced that Starfield has gone gold ahead of its scheduled release date of September 6, 2023, with early access for those who purchased Premium Edition.

Starfield download size

That also means we'll soon find out the full download size of Starfield.


We expect it to come in at around the 80-100GB mark, due to the size of the game, but we'll update you as soon as preload begins

The excitement is definitely ramping up, so we're sure you're as eager as us to get your hands on Starfield. Be sure to check back regularly, as we'll keep you posted on any news we have surrounding Bethesda's newest project. Be sure to also check out our article on Starfield photo mode, so you can take the most aesthetically pleasing snapshots of your space pirates and their otherworldly homes!

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