Star Wars Outlaws voice actors

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A woman dressed as a Star Wars character stands near a statue of a famous character, with a majestic mountain backdrop.

While we currently don't know the release date for Star Wars Outlaws, that doesn't mean the developers at Ubisoft have left us completely in the dark. At the Xbox Games Showcase, a couple of different trailers and walkthroughs were shown off. These didn't give us an abundance of details, but they contained a solid chunk of information. This includes several characters and their voice actors in Star Wars Outlaws.

Every single-player RPG needs a solid cast of characters, and Outlaws is no different. At the time of writing, there are at least five confirmed, named characters that we know will play a part in the game. Of course, dozens more characters will be included when the final product is launched. For right now, though, you can learn which voice actors will bring those characters to life in Star Wars Outlaws by reading the guide below.

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Voice actors in Star Wars Outlaws

Currently, we know that the main protagonist in Outlaws is Kay Vess, and she will have a couple of companions that join her for most of the game. Those companions are Nix, a cute, tiny creature, and ND-5, a droid. Two other characters seen throughout the trailers are Jaylen, an apparent male friend of Kay's who narrates parts of a trailer, and Danka, an information broker that interacts with Kay.

Unfortunately, we have yet to hear who voices ND-5, Jaylen, and Danka. On the flip side, this means we have confirmed voice actors for both Kay Vess and her sidekick Nix.

Kay Vess is voiced by Humberly Gonzalez, who video game fans might recognize from Far Cry 6. Gonzalez voiced the eccentric Mercedes "Jonron" Martin, one of the primary side characters in the La Moral faction. The voice of Kay Vess has also appeared in the popular TV series Ginny and Georiga as the character Sophie Sanchez.

Kay Vess in Star Wars Outlaws
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Credit: Image via Ubisoft
Kay Vess is the main protagonist in Outlaws.

As for Nix, this adorable creature is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. Nix is of the Merqaal species, which don't appear to speak much aside from some noises. Nevertheless, the creature will have Dee Bradley Baker voicing whatever comes out of its mouth in Star Wars Outlaws.

Nix in Star Wars Outlaws
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Credit: Image via Ubisoft
Nix is Kay Vess' main sidekick in Outlaws.

For now, that's all of the confirmed voice actors we know will have a part in Star Wars Outlaws. As 2024 and the release date for the game draws closer, we should see more trailers and get more confirmations regarding which voice actors are bringing certain characters to life.

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