Will Star Wars Outlaws have co-op multiplayer?

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The player character stood on a cliff in Star Wars Outlaws.

Let's see if Star Wars Outlaws has co-op multiplayer or not. Star Wars Outlaws is set to be the next iteration of the classic video game franchise. While the recent games like Jedi Survivor were quite large, they weren't considered to be fully open world. With this news, players have been asking some pertinent questions related to Star Wars Outlaws, such as if the game will feature any co-op or multiplayer elements.

As there are so few confirmed details about the game right now, fans aren't sure what exactly Outlaws will entail. We know the game will be open world, feature a main protagonist by the name of Kay Vess, and that it's set between two of the sequel films. Though we can't be certain about some details, we do have a fairly good idea if Star Wars Outlaws will feature co-op multiplayer or not.

Kay Vess flying a ship in Star Wars Outlaws
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Credit: Image via Ubisoft
Kay Vess is the main protagonist you control in Star Wars Outlaws.

Is there co-op multiplayer in Star Wars Outlaws?

Although the developers at Ubisoft have not confirmed anything about co-op features, we can say with near certainty that Star Wars Outlaws will not have any type of co-op multiplayer included with it. The primary reason behind this is that you only control one character, Kay Vess, throughout the entire game.

In single-player RPGs like Star Wars Outlaws, co-op is ever only a feature when you have the ability to create your own character or have a selection between several of them. If not, then two different players would be controlling their own version of the main character in the same playthrough, which doesn't make much sense.

So, unless the developers completely change up the formula with Star Wars Outlaws, players will go through the game by themselves and their AI companions that accompany Kay Vess along the way.


If you're also holding out hope for a standalone multiplayer mode down the road in Outlaws, it's highly unlikely the developers release anything of this nature. Outlaws will strictly be a single-player game through and through, at least according to the details we currently have available.

That's it for our look at whether Star Wars Outlaws has co-op multiplayer! For more on a galaxy far, far away, read up on how to call a mount in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, as well as the Sister Taske location.

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