How to add server to favourites in Rust

The character is fishing in Rust.

The character is fishing in Rust.

Learning how to add a server to favourites in Rust becomes a first priority as soon as you manage to build your house on a community server. Rust has a huge loyal community, and many different servers you can play on.

Since finding a server of your liking is very difficult, marking it as your favourite would be helpful. Thus, it won’t be lost among all the numerous servers you’ll find on the common list.

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How to add a Rust server to favourites on console

The way of adding a server to favourites in Rust is based on the platform you play on. We are going to start with consoles, as these have the simplest method. Follow the next steps:

  • Load the game
  • Connect to the server you like to play on
  • Once the server is loaded, open the menu
  • Click on the Leave Game button
  • In the message that pops up, you will see three buttons
  • Click on the 'Leave & Add Server to Favourites' button and the server will be added to favourites
The character with a bow in Rust.
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How to add a Rust server to favourites on Steam

  • Open Steam
  • Click on the View button
  • Open the Servers menu
  • Click on the Add a Server button
  • Copy and Paste the IP of the server you want to save
  • Click on the Find Games at this Address button
  • You will see the server on the menu below this button
  • Choose this server and click on the Add This Address to Favourite button

Adding a Rust server to favourites on Steam is a little bit complicated. However, it shouldn’t be so difficult once you figure out how it works and what exactly you need to do. Just follow the steps from the list right above this paragraph.

How to join favourite servers in Rust

The last step is joining back into your favourite servers, and it’s pretty easy. You just need to launch the game and click on the Favourites button. After that, you will open the list of the servers you’ve marked as a favourite. It’s very convenient, as you won’t have to search for these servers every time you want to play on them!

Sometimes you may not see the servers you’ve just marked as favourites on the list. In this case, click on the Refresh button and check the list again. The servers should appear on it.

On the common Rust server list, you can find dozens of sessions, and it’s really easy to lose the server of your liking. So, use the knowledge you’ve received from this guide and you will always find your servers!

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