Rumbleverse tier list - all perks ranked

Rumbleverse tier list: All Perks ranked

Rumbleverse tier list: All Perks ranked
April 1, 2024: We have checked through our tier list

If you're playing the game and need a hand, this Rumbleverse tier list should help you out. In it, we go over the game's best perks, how they work and how you can unlock them. With so many out there, there's quite a lot of choice.

As it's a huge fighting game with tonnes of players all playing at once, there can be a bit of a skill curve early on. For this reason, this list will help you plan around certain perks and know how to use them. This all being said, you may discover something we've overlooked so don't be afraid to experiment with what you find.

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Rumbleverse tier list

Rumbleverse tier list




Weapon Master
Rabbit Foot


The Burn



When it comes to Rumbleverse perks, some of them fit most playstyles whereas others feel a little too situational. Meditative is right near the top of our list as it heals you when you're stood still. This will slow you down but is well worth the wait.

Satisfaction and Temper synergise well together, both giving you a little extra fighting power in each combat. Pairing those two with meditative gives you plenty of chances to heal at any moment. Runner caps off our S tier perks as it allows you to get out of there fast when things aren't working out.

Rumbleverse tier list
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Nimble starts our A tier ranking. Allowing you to dodge just a little bit more is a great bonus but is just barely beaten by stronger perks. Weapon Master is also great but a little situational given how much brawling goes on in Rumbleverse. Rabbit Foot is a decent perk for traversal but loses some of its appeal late game.

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Moving to B tier, Bombastic, Brainbuster, and Aerodynamic are all decent perks that mostly affect single moves. This can leave you a little too reliant on the same playstyle - both a plus and a negative. The Burn gives you a nice health boost but there are better restorative options out there.

The difference between C tier and B tier isn't huge this time around. Woooo and Windfist definitely could have been in B but lose out due to being a little restrictive. Sadistic is an interesting perk but the amount you heal is so minuscule that other healing perks beat it by quite a lot. None of these perks are bad but some can be used a little more effectively.

How to unlock perks in Rumbleverse

There aren't all that many perks in Rumbleverse so, once you start unlocking them, you will get the rest rather easily. Unfortunately, there is no way of guaranteeing which perk you will get. You unlock them simply through playing the game. Match up against an opponents and start doing damage to unlock them. You gain more perks towards your next perk by knocking out opponents so, the more aggressive you are, the better your character will be.

Unfortunately, you have to get them every match so you shouldn't rely on them too heavily. This being said, if you know what they do, you can use them at their best.

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