Does Resident Evil 4 remake have New Game Plus?

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Leon is about to kill the enemy in Resident Evil 4 remake.
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March 24, 2023: Now that Resident Evil 4 remake is out worldwide, we updated our guide with details on New Game Plus.

If you're waiting just as impatiently for the Resident Evil 4 remake as we are, then you're wondering if there is a Resident Evil 4 remake New Game Plus. Unfortunately, good games tend to end very quickly, so the main storyline is not enough for many players.


In this guide, we'll explore whether the Resident Evil 4 remake has a New Game Plus mode or not. It's always a great way to extend your playtime, while also making use of new weapons or features.

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Does Resident Evil 4 remake have a New Game Plus mode?

Sadly, Resident Evil 4 remake doesn't have a proper New Game Plus mode. It isn't bad news, though, because there is plenty of opportunity to replay the story mode with new modifications and gameplay tweaks once you beat it for the first time. However, none of them are explicitly defined as a New Game Plus.


Instead, after beating Resident Evil 4 remake for the first time, you unlock Professional mode. This is a new difficulty that even sits above Hardcore, really pushing your abilities to the limit. However, you can carry over weapon upgrades and items, which makes things a bit more forgiving.

In many ways this is effectively a New Game Plus, since that feature usually allows you to replay with upgrades, items, and levels in tow. That's more or less the same case here, but it's called something different instead.

For reference, the original Resident Evil 4 also let you replay the base game with upgraded equipment and new weapons you unlock for rolling credits for the first time. We expect the remake to be broadly the same, with a vast range of increasingly silly weapons and hopefully some new questions to boot.

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