How to complete the cabin fight in Resident Evil 4 remake

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Leon aiming his pistol through a window in Resident Evil 4 remake.
March 28, 2023: Now that Resident Evil 4 remake has been out a few days, we have checked through our cabin fight guide!

If you've finally gotten into the game, there's a good chance you are struggling with the Resident Evil 4 remake cabin fight. If so, this is everything you need to know, from how to get through it to some general tips and tricks for staying alive.

Widely regarded as one of the very toughest moments in Resident Evil 4 remake, it's slightly easier than the original due to more responsive controls. This being said, you are still going to struggle if you go in unprepared.

Before you get there, you may be looking for more information on the game. If so, here's what we know about the Resident Evil 4 remake Mercenaries mode, how the inventory system works, and the best weapons to use in your horror-filled adventure.

How to complete the Resident Evil 4 remake cabin fight

Unfortunately, to defeat the Resident Evil 4 remake cabin fight, you just need to stay alive for long enough. There isn't a central boss, but rather you need to clear out the barrage of enemies that besiege the cabin Leon, Ashley, and Luis are stuck in. As such you can't just hide, but need to tackle the horde head-on, to wipe out enough of them to trigger the ending cutscene for this sequence.

This is regarded as one of the toughest fights in the game. If you need a little help, we have some tips below.

Leon stood out in the rain in Resident Evil 4 remake.
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Resident Evil 4 remake cabin fight tips and tricks

Before you get into the cabin, you should fill up your inventory. All the loot you will find in the cabin can be collected as you fight, so you benefit from having as much firepower as possible. Pistol shots should be used to clear enemies from afar, or get headshots or leg shots to use your melee attacks. This grants you temporary invulnerability and is particularly effective on groups of attackers, as those around will also be hit by a melee.

There are a handful of bookshelves around the cabin that can be pushed into windows to halt the enemies' progress temporarily, as well as wooden boards to patch up windows. As well as this, you can go up to the top floor and push down ladders.

Generally, you want to use the table downstairs to run enemies around, where you can then go up the stairs and fire your shotgun at them from a distance. This can then be added to melee moves and grenades to hit entire groups of enemies.

There are plenty of grenades, healing items, and bullets around, so you shouldn't need to worry too much about these. You could opt to wait until enemies are inside in order to get the loot, but you will have so much by the end of this encounter that you don't really need to.


Even better, Luis will sporadically pass over another magazine of pistol ammo, so if you do manage to run out of weaponry, you'll be fine. Be persistent and you should be able to take them down.

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