How to get and place underboss skulls in Redfall

An image of one of the Vampire Underbosses in Redfall.
Credit: Arkane Austin Studios

An image of one of the Vampire Underbosses in Redfall.
Credit: Arkane Austin Studios

If you're having some difficulty in getting underboss skulls, don't worry because we've prepared this guide for you on how to get and place underboss skulls in Redfall. Underboss skulls are sough-out special items that can unlock bonus items for you in Redfall. These will also be required as you progress in the story, so it's important that you obtain some underboss skulls and know where to place them when the time comes.

Underboss skulls are received when you slay Vampire Underbosses. While not all underboss skulls are required to be claimed in your campaign in Redfall, these definitely still help players in progressing the story. It's crucial that you know how to get underboss skulls, and what to do with them once you have them in your inventory.

How to get underboss skulls in Redfall

First off, you should know how to get underboss skulls in Redfall. As mentioned earlier, you can get underboss skulls when you've defeated Vampire Underbosses. These underbosses are pretty much mini bosses that are much stronger than their regular vampire counterparts, which you'll commonly encounter in Redfall.

A screenshot of an underboss skull found in Redfall.
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Credit: Arkane Austin Studios

To find underbosses and fight them, you must locate and activate the safe houses in Redfall on your journey. There will be a safehouse that you must go to in every neighborhood you'll stumble upon in the game. After locating a safe house, you'll then activate it by interacting with a generator.

When you get inside a safe house, you should be able to interact with the Mission Board inside and accept the available safe house mission. Once you complete that mission, you'll be able to access the Vampire Underboss mission, which allows you to fight against a Vampire Underboss and claim its skull.

Make sure you're well-equipped and ready to fight before heading to the Vampire Underboss in the neighbourhood though.

How to place underboss skulls in Redfall

Once you have your underboss skulls, you can then place them in Vampire God lairs and optional altars. Vampire God lairs are mainly linked to the game's main story missions. While you won't have to worry much yet about placing underboss skulls right off the bat in-game, be sure you have three underboss skulls prepared to place at God lair entrances when the time comes.

On the other hand, optional altars require you only one underboss skull to be placed and these are usually hidden in each town. The rewards you get from optional altars from underboss skulls include cosmetic items such as outfits. Do take note that each item you get depends on the character you're using.

Take note that if you come across an optional altar but don't have an underboss skull yet, you can use the "ping" feature to mark that location and return to it later on.

That concludes this guide on how to get and place underboss skulls in Redfall! For more content like this, you can check out our other guides on the game such as our Redfall controls guide and our article on Redfall's characters. We also have a guide on how to fix Redfall stuck on loading screen if you're struggling with that issue too.

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