Phasmophobia tarot cards list and guide

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Five tarot cards from Phasmophobia - The Wheel of Fortune, The Tower, Death, The High Priestess, The Hanged Man
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This guide will go through the Phasmophobia tarot cards list and the effects of each of them. Phasmophobia is a first-person horror game that has you enter a haunted location in order to identify the kind of ghost there. It’s played best with a group of friends, where you can split up to look for clues. The goal is to find clues about the ghost, such as room temperature and ability to interact with items, all while the ghost is hunting you.

There are several phases the ghost will go through once you go through the front door. The first is the setup phase, which sees the players explore the house and put out items in relative safety. Once this time runs out, the ghost will begin the hunt phase, where it will chase down the investigators and kill them. Tarot Cards will give a random effect, so must be used very carefully.


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Phasmophobia tarot cards list and guide

Title Effect Burn Colour Draw Chance
The TowerThis causes an interaction.Blue20%
The Wheel of FortuneThe player gains 25% sanity if the card burns green, or loses 25% sanity if the card burns red.Green or Red20%
The FoolThis card will appear as another card at first, before turning into The Fool as it burns. No effect is applied when drawing this card.Light Purple17% 100% during the hunt phase
The DevilThis will trigger a ghost event towards the player that's nearest the ghost.Pink10%
DeathThis will trigger a cursed hunt immediately.Purple10%
The HermitThis will move the ghost back to the ghost room and traps it there for one minute. Has no effect during hunts.Light Blue10%
The SunThis fully restores sanity to 100%.Yellow5%
The MoonThis instantly reduces sanity to 0%.White5%
The High PriestessThis will revive a randomly chosen dead player. If no-one is dead, it will revive the next player who dies. If a player is revived during a hunt, they cannot be killed until the next hunt.Light Yellow2%
The Hanged ManThis will instantly kill the player.N/A1%
A full list of current Tarot Cards in Phasmophobia.
The Tower - A haunted house
The Wheel of Fortune - A sun and moon playing across a cloud
The Fool - A Jester
The Devil - A scary creature
Death - The player character dying
The Hermit - A ghost being restricted
The Sun - The sun on a brain
The Moon - The moon on a brain 
The High Priestess - A pair of angel wings
The Hanged Man - A man upside down in a tree
Credit: Card images from Phasmophobia Wiki
A list of all current Tarot Cards in Phasmophobia

How to use Phasmophobia tarot cards

There are currently six cursed items in Phasmophobia that can be at several locations on each map. Anything with a clear, flat surface is a good place to look, like tables, worktops, and shelves. However, tarot cards might not always spawn, especially if another cursed item spawns instead.

Once you find the tarot cards, make sure to photograph them before you touch them. As soon as you pick them up and use them, the event will be triggered immediately. They will have no use during the ghost hunt phase.

You have to be in the Investigation Area to use them, so there's no way to safely hide in the van with them. Only one deck will spawn per investigation, and once cards are used up, there is no way to get more.


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