Oxenfree 2 voice actors

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Two characters next to the mountain in Oxenfree 2
Credit: Night School Studio

Much like in the first game, the characters are the most important part of Oxenfree 2. The Oxenfree 2 voice actors really add to the emotion of the story and the atmosphere of Camena.

You're unlikely to know all of the actors, but we'll go over some of their most famous roles so you can see if you've heard them before.

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List of Oxenfree 2 voice actors

Two characters in Oxenfree 2
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Credit: Night School Studio
Let's see all the voices behind the Oxenfree 2 characters!

Oxenfree 2 is an adventure game that has an interesting story, and its gameplay is all about exploring the world and solving puzzles. So, it has an impressive list of characters for an indie game. Here are all the voices behind the Oxenfree 2 characters:

  • Riley – Elizabeth Saydah
  • Jacob – Joe Bianco
  • Olivia – Abigail Turner
  • Violet – Sarah Wunderle
  • Charlie – Jojo Leiato
  • Rex – Lev Rodriguez Shivers
  • Alex – Erin Yvette
  • Evelyn – Alaina Wis
  • Hank – Glenn Rockowitz
  • Nick – Steven Kelly
  • Maria – Rachel Rial
  • Shelley – Abigail Wahl
  • Maggie – Emily Tomlinson
  • RJ – Moos Warywoda
  • Adult Rex – Emerson Boatwright
  • Clarissa – Avital Ash
  • Jonas – Gavin Hammon
  • Nona – Brittani Johnson
  • Ren – Aaron Kuban

Elizabeth Saydah is known for her role as Myra Castellanos in The Evil Within 2. Also, she voiced Faith Jones from Need for Speed: Payback and many other characters from different games and even some movies.

As for Joe Bianco, who is the voice of Jacob, he voiced Axel from the famous beat ‘em up, Streets of Rage 4, The Wheel from The Jackbox Party Pack 8, and Rory Alpha from Cloudpank.


The last actor we will talk about in this article is Erin Yvette. She is the voice of Alex and has quite an impressive list of voiced characters. Some of her most notable works are Molly from Telltale’s The Walking Dead, Snow White from The Wolf Among Us, and Arlecchino from Genshin Impact.

That’s all you need to know about the voice actors of Oxenfree 2. Hopefully you'll recognise some of their voices! And before you go, check out our list of the best anime mobile games. Good luck.

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