Can you fast travel in Oxenfree 2?

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Multiple characters on the beach in Oxenfree 2
Credit: Night School Studio

Much like in the first game, exploring the mysterious world of Oxenfree 2 is vital to seeing everything the game wants you to. However, since getting around can be slow, and loading screens often get in the way, you'll want to know if you can fast travel in Oxenfree 2. Such a feature can be really helpful in games like this.

So, we are going to tell you if it is even possible to fast travel in Oxenfree 2. Also, we will explain to you what kind of game it is and why some players want to use this feature.

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Can you fast travel in Oxenfree 2?

Two characters next to the mountain in Oxenfree 2
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Credit: Night School Studio
Is it even possible to fast travel in Oxenfree 2?

Unfortunately, we can’t give a positive answer to this question. There is no fast traveling in the first game of the franchise, and the second one is no different. After all, it’s an adventure game where you need to explore different locations and solve various puzzles. So, skipping all these locations with fast travel can potentially ruin the experience.

However, sometimes it’s a bit annoying when you have to do some backtracking and there’s no option to skip it. But the lack of fast travel is unlikely to ruin your Oxenfree 2 experience.

What is Oxenfree 2?

Oxenfree 2 is an adventure game developed by Night School Studio where you can play as a young woman named Riley. You will encounter various strange things such as time anomalies, and there are lots of mysteries to uncover and places to explore.


The gameplay is based on walking and talking. You will have to travel to different locations and interact with various characters. Sometimes, you will have to choose what to say, and your answers will affect your relationships with NPCs. Also, there will be different puzzles that you will have to solve and some cool mechanics that you rarely see in triple-A games.

Overall, Oxenfree 2 is a game that focuses on your adventures and interactions with NPCs. So, it's fun even without the fast travel mechanic, and we highly recommend you give it a try if you like simple and stylish adventure games. Also, while you are here, make sure to check our guide on how to fast travel in Minecraft Legends.

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