Mortal Kombat 1 achievements list - All confirmed trophies

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A fight in progress in Mortal Kombat 1.
September 20, 2023: Take a look at all of the trophies and achievements for MK1 - the game is live now!

With the latest entry in the franchise finally upon us, it's time to look at the Mortal Kombat 1 achievements list. While hunting down trophies is rarely the first thing on a Mortal Kombat player's mind, it's always good to know which targets to work towards.

In this guide, we'll run through all the achievements and trophies up for grabs in Mortal Kombat 1. They aren't too taxing for hardcore players, meaning there's an extra veneer of motivation to see everything this franchise reboot has to offer.

For more on the game, feel free to check out our Mortal Kombat 1 tier list. We've also got a guide on how to preload the game, alongside details on how to get Koins fast in Mortal Kombat 1.

Mortal Kombat 1 achievements list

Check out the table below to see all of the achievements and trophies available to unlock in Mortal Kombat 1, plus the requirements for each one. That way, you'll know exactly how to unlock the platinum trophy, or work towards 1,000 Gamerscore.

Achievement name Description
KompletionistKomplete all trophies
Become a Ninja in No TimeKomplete the basic tutorial
Eye of the TaiGoreSpend a total of one hour in practice
A New TimelineKomplete 50% of Story Mode
What Just Happened??Komplete 100% of Story Mode
Who Was That???Komplete Chapter 15 twice
TitanDeal 10,000 damage to opponents
Beaten and BrokenSpill 5,000 pints of blood
It Has Begun!!!Komplete Cage Mansion tutorial
KontenderPlay five Kombat League sets
Deadly AssassinPerform 20 different Fatalities
KarnagePerform ten different Brutalities
AnnihilationPerform ten different Kameo Fatalities
Making Friends is EasyUse ten different Kameo characters
Puppet MasterKomplete a Klassic Tower with five different characters
Give a KoinSpend 10,000 Koins on the Shrine
Test Your MightKomplete five unique Test Your Might encounters
So I Just Kill Stuff??Komplete five unique encounters
Adventure TimeKomplete 25 unique encounters
King SlayerDethrone a king
Buddy SystemKomplete Mastery with one Kameo character
Rollin' with My KrewKomplete Mastery with five Kameo characters
Where's BlancheTrade for an item from an Outworld shop
Take and DenyTrade for an item from an Earthrealm shop
Ultimate PowerUse a Talisman
Talis-ManiaUse a Talisman ten times
Running on EmptyRecharge a Talisman
So KraftyForge a Talisman
Feeling StrongerReach Invasions level 5
UnstoppableReach Invasions level 10
JuggernautReach Invasions level 20
Not So Big Now Are You??Defeat a mini boss in Invasions
Who Da Boss??Defeat a major boss in Invasions
VanquishedDefeat the final boss of an Invasions season
Always AccessorizeEquip a Relic
KollectorEquip three different Relics
The Mighty Have FallenKomplete a Titan battle
ABACABBUse a key
Made it out AliveKomplete a Survival encounter
Make Way, I'm Koming ThroughKlear an obstruction in Invasions
Found YouUnlock a secret fight
Stop HidingSurvive an ambush
Quest MasterKomplete three Daily Quests
Working OvertimeKomplete a Weekly Quest
High Score, Is That Good?Obtain a total score of 5,000,000 in Gateway Towers
There is No Knowledge That is Not PowerUse ten single use items
Happy EndingsUnlock ten Tower endings
Big SpenderSpend 10,000 Seasonal Kurrency
Total DisrespectPerform a taunt without being interrupted during an online match
Thank You for Being a Fan!!!Watch the Kredits
Witness Me!!!Change your Kombat Kard player module
A fight in progress in Mortal Kombat 1.
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Are there missable achievements in Mortal Kombat 1?

Fortunately, there aren't any missable achievements in Mortal Kombat 1, meaning you can technically play through the various game modes to their completion in order to sweep up the vast majority of Mortal Kombat 1 achievements.

However, that'll only scratch the surface due to how many Mortal Kombat 1 trophies are tied to general match gameplay. There are only two achievements tied to the Story Mode, but a good amount more are tied to the Invasions and Towers modes in the Kampaign section. Provided you can blitz through those with relative easy, you'll be a good way into getting 100% completion.

That said, there only Mortal Kombat 1 achievement you really need to keep an eye on is the penultimate one, Thank You for Being a Fan!!!


This is given to players for watching the end credits, which likely pop up after finishing the Story Mode. However, if you skip the credits (or Kredits, as they're styled) that could well lead to you missing the trophy. Therefore, you need to make sure not to skip the credits in Mortal Kombat 1 if you want to get all trophies.

That's it for our guide to Mortal Kombat 1 achievements! For more on the game, check out how to change difficulty, plus the Mortal Kombat 1 PC requirements.

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