How to G-walk in Modern Warfare 2: Fast movement exploit explained

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Modern Warfare 2 laying prone near vehicles
Credit: Activision

Despite the best efforts of Infinity Ward to remove crafty movement mechanics such as slide cancelling, several Modern Warfare 2 players are looking for intel on how to G-walk in multiplayer. The recent discovery of the new mechanic allows players to move around the map at breakneck speed.

This strange technique allows you to duck and dive out of the way of any incoming threats in addition to the boosts in movement speed. However, it's clearly an unintentional discovery but one that could provide huge advantages during a match.

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What is a Modern Warfare 2 G-walk?

Discovered by players under the 'EuphoriaDream' banner, the G-walk causes players to hit the ground and stand back up and an unusually fast speed. The clip below shows the mechanic in full force and it's no wonder players want to use it to gain the upper hand.

The additional speed provided by G-walking makes it very easy to move around and dodge anyone that might have a positional advantage in certain areas of the map.

How to G-walk in MW2

Although the movement mechanic is out in the open, there's no tutorial on how to perform a G-walk during a match. However, the footage clearly shows plenty of prone spamming.

On top of the spamming, the increase in speed may involve the activation of automatic Tactical Sprint. Instead of having to click the analogue stick in twice or press the sprint key twice, all you need to do is receive a boost is move it forward or hold it down.

Other than that, the mechanic appears to be a combination of the two. Once we find the exact method to perform a G-walk effectively, we'll update the guide with all there is to know.

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