Minecraft villager jobs guide - All jobs explained

A Minecraft Weaponsmith, Librarian, and Cartographer standing side-by-side.

A Minecraft Weaponsmith, Librarian, and Cartographer standing side-by-side.

When stumbling upon villages in Minecraft, you're bound to settle in one and make it a new base, utilising the villagers already residing there. You can get various items from villagers if you know where to look. Villagers that you encounter in-game can have various jobs, which dictate the traded items you can acquire from them. In this guide, we bring to you a look at all Minecraft villager jobs.

If you're savvy in Minecraft, you can breed the villagers and assign professions to them on your own. But if you're new to managing your villagers, you need to know what their jobs are, and what items they can possibly give you. Below you'll see what each villager looks like as we discuss what items they provide, what items you can trade with them, and the job blocks assigned to them.

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Minecraft villager jobs - All jobs explained


A Minecraft armourer standing on grassy plains.
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As its namesake says, an Armourer provides armour to players. Its armour trades include chainmail, iron, and diamond-type armour, depending on the level an Armourer has. Take note though that its job block is a blast furnace.


A Minecraft Butcher villager standing in front of houses.
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Can't slaughter your animals since they haven't bred enough for a plentiful stock of resources? Feel free to head over to the Butcher to easily purchase some meat goods, that will immediately replenish your health in-game. They have all kinds of meat, from rabbit to pork chop, and even berries. Therefore, the Butcher will keep you well-fed. Moreover, you can also trade emeralds with the Butcher. Keep in mind that its job block is a smoker.


A Minecraft Cartographer standing on a house roof.
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If you plan to voyage for a new adventure, the Cartographer can give you the newest maps for ocean treasures and woodland explorer maps. Besides that, you can also get item frames and banners that can help in decorating your base. With the Cartographer, of course, its job block would be the cartography table.


A Minecraft Cleric standing beside a Minecraft villager.
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For magical items, you can count on the Cleric to give you a Bottle o' Enchanting and Ender Pearls. At lower levels though, you can get items such as Redstone dust, lapis lazuli, and Glowstone. Just be warned though as Clerics ask for uncommon items such as glass bottles, nether wart, Rabbit's Foot, and sometimes scute. Their job block would be a brewing stand.


A Minecraft farmer standing on crops.
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Similar to the Butcher, the Farmer can also keep your stomach full with its trades. They provide items such as bread, pumpkin pie, apple, cake, and variations of suspicious stew. At the Master level, they can also give trades of glistening melon slices and golden carrots. In terms of job block, that would be a composter.


A Minecraft Fisherman standing on a path.
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For aquatic goods, you can get them from a Fisherman. They provide cooked cod and salmon, buckets of cod and salmon, and Enchanted Fishing Rods. Similar to all other villagers, a Fisherman can also trade emeralds with other items such as string, coal, tropical fish, and pufferfish. For their job block, that would be a barrel.


A Minecraft Fletcher standing on a grassy plain.
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All of your bow and arrow needs are satisfied by the Fletcher. They have arrows, flint, bows, crossbows, enchanted bows, enchanted crossbows, and even tipped arrows of various colours. Aside from receiving string, gravel, and sticks to trade for their goods, surprisingly, they can also get your tripwire hooks in trading. Take note that their job block is the fletching table.


A Minecraft Leatherworker surrounded by Minecraft villagers.
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Anything leather, the Leatherworker has what you may need. They provide leather armour from helmets to boots. For your companion horses, they also have leather horse armour. At the Master level, they can trade to you the highly-sought out horse saddles which are usually found in chests, so it's good to really invest in Leatherworker villagers. Their job blocks are cauldrons.


A Minecraft Librarian standing on a grassy ledge.
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Later on in playing survival mode, you will need to amp up your weapons and armour. This calls for the Librarian, who can give you various enchanted books that can increase your stats. Enchanted books are quite expensive as trades, so make sure you stock up on emeralds before purchasing from them. Besides that, Librarians also sell bookshelves, clocks, glass, lanterns, compasses, and even name tags. Just be sure to level them up, as they're a crucial investment in-game. Of course, their job block would be a lectern.


A Minecraft Mason standing in front of a farm animal pen.
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To help in making aesthetic builds, the Mason can give you various cut blocks and bricks. These range from bricks, stone bricks, polished andesite, granite, diorite, dripstone blocks, coloured and glazed terracotta, quartz pillars, and blocks of quartz. Be sure to stock up on stone and other blocks, as the Mason asks for these in trading - aside from taking emeralds. Also, remember that the Mason's job block is a stone cutter.


A Minecraft Shepherd standing on a grassy plain.
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As they tend to the sheep, Shepherds provide raw wool items to wool products in multiple colours. These include coloured beds, banners, wool itself, shears, and even paintings. Be sure to assign your villager with Loom so that you can have your own Shepherd in your village.


A Minecraft Toolsmith standing on a grassy ledge.
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Another well-sought villager, the Toolsmith can give you the best tools you need in your activities in the game. If you need to plant crops, the Toolsmith's got various hoes whether iron, gold, or diamond. Moreover, you can get axes, shovels, and pickaxes too, made from various materials. If you're lucky, the Toolsmith can give you enchanted versions of these tools as well. Just remember to have a smithing table as a job block to assign to your villager.


A Minecraft Weaponsmith standing on a grassy plain.
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Last but not least is the Weaponsmith. Obviously, they give out weapons that consist of either axes or swords. Similar to the Toolsmith, a Weaponsmith can provide enchanted versions of these. Again, don't forget to stock up on emeralds, as enchanted weapons are costly. You don't want to be short on weapons if you plan to raid outposts or go adventuring. In terms of its job block, the Weaponsmith's would be a grindstone.

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