How to relocate franchise in Madden 23

Image showing NFL player catching football
Credit: EA Sports

Image showing NFL player catching football
Credit: EA Sports

After weeks of reveals, the launch of Madden 23 is right around the corner. With players already jumping onto the virtual football field, FieldSense technology adds even more realism to EA Sports' annual release. Alongside the arrival of new features, simplified playbooks make the game accessible for amateurs and multi-time Super Bowl champions.

Just like the previous Madden titles, Franchise Mode allows players to relocate their favourite team to an all-new city.

But before we reveal how to relocate franchise in Madden 23, find all there is to know about the top-rated players, further details on Franchise Mode, and if the game is making its way to Game Pass.

How do I relocate franchise?

The first step you need to do is make sure you've chosen to become a team owner rather than a coach or a player. Within the league settings, make sure the "Everyone can Relocate" option is on. This allows you to relocate to any location even if your Stadium rating has a rating of 40 or below.

Step two involves making it to week five where you can begin the process of relocating to a new city. Select a city of your choice and in week six, you can select a new team name and logo. In week seven, the process of designing a new team uniform begins. Up next, it's time to design a new stadium.

If you want to keep all of the above options the same, you can skip all of the steps apart from the new stadium design.

Image showing two NFL players in Madden 23
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Credit: EA Sports

Now you've worked your way through the rebrand, you won't have the ability to switch cities until the current season has come to an end. Here, you have one of two options. You can either play through the season or simulate it to start the next season with an all-new identity.

Ever wanted to become the Houston Patriots or the Salt Lake City Ravens? Now's your chance to do so!

Madden 23 Relocation Teams

Each city has a selection of names you can use. Here's a full list of names for each city available to move to:

  • Austin: Bats, Armadillos, Desperados
  • Brooklyn: Beats, Bulls, Barons
  • Chicago: Tigers, Blues, Cougars
  • Columbus: Aviators, Caps, Explorers
  • Dublin: Celtic Tigers, Antlers, Shamrocks
  • Houston: Oilers, Gunners, Voyagers
  • London: Bulldogs, Monarchs, Black Knights
  • Memphis: Hounds, Egyptians, Steamers
  • Mexico City: Diablos, Golden Eagles
  • Oakland: No re-brand options
  • Oklahoma City: Lancers, Nighthawks, Bisons
  • Orlando: Orbits, Sentinels, Wizards
  • Portland: River Hogs, Snowhawks, Lumberjacks
  • Sacramento: Condors, Miners, Redwoods
  • Salt Lake City: Elks, Flyers, Pioneers
  • San Antonio: Dreadnaughts, Express
  • San Diego: Crusaders, Red Dragons, Aftershocks
  • St. Louis: No re-brand options
  • Toronto: Huskies, Mounties, Thunderbirds

There are all the available options you can rebrand your franchise to.

That's everything there is to know about relocating franchise in Madden 23. For more, check out our Madden page for everything there is to know about EA Sports' NFL series.

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