Madden 23 early access: How to play early

Image showing NFL player catching football
Credit: EA Sports

Image showing NFL player catching football
Credit: EA Sports

With the new NFL season on the horizon, fans are turning their attention to the launch of Madden 23. EA Sports continues to reveal more information on what the next instalment of the franchise has to offer and thanks to FieldSense technology, there's a chance Madden 23 could inject a breath of fresh air into the franchise.

As players wait to jump onto the virtual pitch, questions surrounding Madden 23 early access are starting to appear. Typically, early access enables players to jump into the action before the launch of the regular game.

With that said, find everything there is to know about Madden 23 early access in this handy guide containing all the information you need to score touchdowns as quickly as possible.

Madden 23 early access release date countdown

Madden 23 Early Access Release Date

Thanks to the PlayStation Store, we know Madden 23 early access kicks off on August 16, 2022 at 5AM BST. Although this is early for UK fans, the game is available for North American players from August 15, 2022 at 11PM CT. Assuming there are no delays, this is when Madden 23 early access gets underway.

Check the countdown clock above to see how long you need to wait before the action begins.

How to get Madden 23 early access

There are a couple of ways you can experience Madden 23 ahead of launch. The first is through a free trial of EA Play. This is perfect for those still unsure on if they want to buy the full version of the game.

From August 16, players can play the game for ten hours without spending a penny. If there's no free trial of EA Play, you can spend £3.99 for a one-month membership.

The second way involves pre-ordering the All-Madden Edition of the game which costs $89.99. This gives you three days of early access in addition to a wealth of exclusive items. Here's what else the All Madden Edition includes:

  • 4600 Madden Points
  • 2 Elite Players
  • All Madden Gear
  • Madden Strategy Item

When can I preload Madden 23?

Those that pre-order Madden 23 can preload it right now. Make sure your PC or console allows automatic downloads and it will automatically appear on your hard drive.

Madden 23 download size

At the time of writing (August 15, 2022), Madden 23 will take up 46.16 GB for Xbox Series consoles which is a significant reduction in comparison to last year.

However, there's a high chance of EA releasing a day one patch to rectify any bug fixes meaning the download may increase.

That's everything there is to know about Madden 23 early access. Be sure to check out our Madden page for all the latest news and guides that will have you lifting the Vince Lombardi trophy in no time at all.

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