League of Legends patch 13.13 - Release date, patch notes, buffs, nerfs, and changes

League of Legends Varrus Splash Art

League of Legends Varrus Splash Art

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Despite a plethora of changes in the last few patches, players have been complaining about the meta remaining stale. Some champions and synergies simply remain too powerful. With League of Legends patch 13.13, Riot aims to nerf some over-tuned champions and let the meta stabilise.

Some items have also been adjusted once more, as while Statik Shiv's glorious return was a sight to behold, it has had to go through changes every patch since its release. So let's get into League of Legends patch 13.13 and what it entails for your favourite champions and builds.

When is the League of Legends patch 13.13 release date?

According to the patch schedule, League of Legends patch 13.13 is set to release on Wednesday, June 28, 2023, at 3 am PT. The patch update usually takes place around the following times for different servers:

  • 3 AM PT (NA servers)
  • 5 AM GMT (WEU servers)
  • 3 AM CET (EEU servers)
  • 8 AM KR (Korea)

Patch updates usually take three hours, after which you can update your client and get the latest updates for your game. This schedule is concrete, and Riot informs players of any deviations 48 hours prior.

League of Legends patch 13.13 notes

As mentioned earlier, League of Legends patch 13.13 will mostly revolve around nerfing champions and making system changes to others. Riot was experimenting a lot with bruiser changes before the patch released, but have since shifted their focus as they cancelled the Sett and Mordekaiser changes. Here's a full list of the expected changes from League of Legends patch 13.13.

Note that the early patch leaks are all courtesy of SpiderAxe30, and are subject to change when League of Legends patch 13.13 ships out on live servers. We'll keep updating information as it comes out.

Champion changes

As Riot aims for "Stabilization", this patch sees only two champion buffs but a whopping ten champion nerfs. We only have early access to the notes so far and will update each champion with the full list of changes once available.


Lee Sin

  • Q1 and Q2 bonus AD ratio increased from 110% to 115%


  • Base movement speed increased from 335 to 340



  • Q base damage reduced from 80-220 to 70-210
  • Q AP ratio reduced from 80% to 75%


  • Gravitum slow duration reduced form 3.5 seconds to 2.5
  • Severum attack healing reduced from 2.5% -9% to 2% - 7.1%
  • Severum ability healing reduced from 8.33% - 30% to 5% - 17.75%
  • Turret attack speed reduced from 0.8 to 0.64


  • W on-hit base damage reduced from 30 - 60 to 20 - 50
  • W on-hit AP ratio reduced from 30% to 20%
  • Daisy slam base reduced from 40 - 80 to 20 - 60
  • Daisy MS reduced from 440 to 430


  • Base armor reduced from 29 to 26
  • Base health reduced from 610 to 580


  • Q cooldown increased from 7 flat to 9 - 7
  • W on-hit base damage changed from 50 - 170 to 40 - 180
  • R now breaks disguise


  • Base attack damage reduced from 61 to 58
  • Base health reduced from 640 to 600


  • W on-hit AP ratio increased from 30% to 35%
  • W detonation AP ratio reduced from 2.5% per 100 AP to 1.5%


  • P shield reduced from 13% max HP to 10%
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  • R cooldown increased from 120 - 80 seconds to 140 - 90


  • E monster damage reduced from 120% to 100%



  • Base health regeneration reduced to 7.5 from 8.5
  • Base magic resistance reduced to 30 from 32
  • Magic resistance growth reduced to 1.85 from 2.05
  • Q bonus monster damage increased from 150 - 430 to 170 - 470
  • W base shield reduced from 35 - 135 to 15 - 110 Pulled from patch
  • W unmounted attack speed changed from 15% -35% to 30%. at all ranks
  • E bonus monster damage increased from 100-280 to 120 - 300.

System changes

According to the early patch preview, there will be no system buffs to any items, runes, or spells. However, Riot might change its mind, so be sure to check back in a couple of days when the full list of changes is finalised.

System nerfs


  • Changes pulled from patch

Statik Shiv

  • AP ratio reduced from 50% to 35%
  • Minion AP ratio removed

System changes

Essence Reaver

  • Sheen base AD ratio increased from 100% to 130%
  • Sheen bonus AD ratio reduced from 40% to 25%


  • Base damage increased from 15 to 90
  • AD ratio reduced from 60% to 25%
  • AP ratio removed

That's all you need to know about League of Legends patch 13.13 so far. Be sure to check back for any new developments and commentary on what these changes mean for each champion and item!

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