Immortality voice actors - full cast list and mo-cap performers

Image of Marissa Marcel in Immortality.

Image of Marissa Marcel in Immortality.

Looking for the Immortality voice actors? This new game from renowned director Sam Barlow once again harkens back to the FMV era, with fully live-action gameplay and a deep story to boot. The Immortality cast isn't just made up of voice actors, but bona fide performers willing to lend their likeness as well as voice to the role.

In this Immortality guide, we'll go through all the voice actors and cast members currently confirmed to appear in the game. That's alongside a look at some of their previous work, to see if you may recognise them from anywhere.

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Immortality voice actors and cast

Voice actor and motion capture performer
Marissa Marcel
Manon Gage
Sofia Morgana
Jascha Slesers
Agnes/Jane Smith
Brooke Anne Smith
Miles Szanto

Immortality cast credits

Now you know everybody who appears in Immortality, it's time to see where you recognise them from. Read on to learn a bit more about each cast member, as well as a breakdown of some places you may have seen them before.

Image of a character in Immortality.
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Manon Gage - Marissa Marcel

Manon Gage plays Marissa Marcel, the actor whose mysterious death is the crux of Immortality's narrative. Your job is to skim through her previous work, to uncover exactly why she disappeared without notice.

Gage is still fairly new on the scene, with Immortality marking her first video game performance. Elsewhere, she's featured in films such as Ambrosio and Minsky, as well as an upcoming TV show called Real Live Girl.

Jascha Slesers - Sofia Morgana

Immortality also marks the video game debut of Jascha Slesers, who plays Sofia. However, she has made an appearance in the Disney+ show Pam & Tommy, and played a small role in the HBO Max series Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty.

Brooke Anne Smith - Agnes/Jane Smith

Another major performer in Immortality is Brooke Anne Smith, who plays two characters: Agnes and Jane Smith. She's also never been in a game before, but is a more established name in TV. With appearances in Malcolm in the Middle, CSI, and Awkward, she's got some big names under her belt.

Miles Szanto - Ambrosio

The final performer confirmed for Immortality so far is Miles Szanto, who plays Ambrosio. He's had several key TV roles in the past, with major appearances in Love My Way and The Elephant Princess. As with everyone else in the cast, Immortality is his video game performing debut!

That's it for our look at the Immortality cast! While there may not be too many names you immediately recognise, it's still cool to see newcomers lending their talents to such a highly anticipated game.

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