God of War Ragnarok - How to get to Sanctuary Grove

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November 18 - Now that God of War Ragnarok has been out for a little over a week, we've updated this guide with more details.

Trying to get to the sanctuary grove in God of War Ragnarok? This task can be a little tricky for anyone playing God of War Ragnarok, as its mystic gateway won’t be unlocked immediately. Fortunately, revisiting Freya’s old home isn’t a titanic task, as it only takes a quick chat with Ratatoskr to return there.

The sanctuary grove is the home of Freya, former wife of Odin and the witch of the woods. If you’ve played the 2018 God of War, you’ll remember this location as the place where Kratos brought Atreus while he was gravely ill. It’s also the home of an old friend, Chaurli the giant turtle.

In this guide we’ll tell you how to get back to the Sanctuary Grove, as well as what collectibles are waiting for you once you’re there. If you've beaten the game, we also have guides on how to find the real Tyr and how to get back to the Applecore.

How to get to the Sanctuary Grove in God of War Ragnarok

Please note that this location is accessed after completing the main story, so there’ll be some moderate spoilers ahead.

You’ll need to complete God of War Ranarok's main story, specifically the favour ‘The Realms at War’, to get to the Sanctuary Grove. Once you’ve done so, return to Sindri’s House and ring the bell to summon Ratatoskr. Talk to your squirrelly friend then pick up the pouch of seeds in front of you.

These seeds will unlock new locations across the nine realms, including the Sanctuary Grove in Midgard. Return to a mystic gateway, navigate to Midgard, and select the undiscovered gateway. It should be the second in the list, just under the gateway to King’s Grave.

Once there, you’ll be able to take a peaceful stroll through the forest with Freya, going on a well-earned nostalgia trip. Don’t worry: Chaurli’s fine, if a little grumpy at being left out in the snow for so long. The grove is looking a little worse for wear, and the fimbulwinter hasn't helped matters, but it’s still a nice trip down memory lane.

Collectibles in the Sanctuary Grove

The sole collectable in the Sanctuary Grove is the Mirkweed flower, required for the ‘Nine Realms in Bloom’ favour. Despite the heavy layer of snow, you won’t have to go digging for roots. You can find the flower a quick jog past Chaurli the giant turtle. Keep going straight ahead and you should find it.

This is an easy way to tick off an objective on one of the game’s trickier favours, as the other flowers will send you on a journey across the nine realms. The trip also serves as a nice story beat for Freya, who gets to finally come back to the place she’d carved out for herself while trapped on Midgard.

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