How to get Khaby Lame Fortnite skin (Chapter 4 Season 4)

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An image of Khaby Lame for the Fortnite collaboration.
Credit: Epic Games, Khaby Lame on TikTok

We'll be walking you through how to get the Fortnite Khaby Lame skin in the upcoming season through our guide right here. With the release of Chapter 4 Season 4 in Fortnite, players are in for a treat due to the new theme and content coming. This includes a new skin from the popular TikTok personality Khaby Lame who is known for his "life hack" videos.

Chapter 4 Season 4 in Fortnite features a heist-like theme that is reminiscent of Chapter 2 Season 2 with vaults, henchmen, bosses at POIs, and other espionage-themed features. Players will enjoy sneaking around and living their spy dreams through this update.

For more on the new season, brush up on everything we know about the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 battle pass. We've also got guides on all the new weapons and map changes coming to the game.

How to get Khaby Lame Fortnite skin

To get the Khaby Lame Fortnite skin, players will need to get the battle pass. Here, players must progress through the battle pass tiers by playing matches and completing challenges. This will then unlock rewards for them, which includes the Khaby Lame skin.

The Khaby Lame skin will be available at a certain tier in the battle pass. This requires players to continue playing until they've reached this tier and unlock the skin. Upon reaching Khaby Lame's required tier, players can then claim the skin as a reward. However, we don't yet know what that specific tier will be.

It's important to take note, though, that the battle pass that includes the Khaby Lame skin cosmetic is only available for a limited time. So, it's important to regularly play if you want to get yourself the skin.

A teaser promotional photo of Khaby Lame,
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Credit: Epic Games

Is Khaby Lame coming to Fortnite?

Over the course of this recent season, Fortnite players have witnessed a variety of collaborations with the game such as with Transformers, Futurama, and Jujutsu Kaisen, among others. This has certainly hyped up players' expectations for the collaborations to come in this fourth season.

One of the teasers for Chapter 4 Season 4 included a familiar silhouette and gesture that TikTok users would know almost immediately as Khaby Lame. He's best known for his videos in which he silently mocks overly complicated "life hack" videos and puts his hands out to show how those "life hacks" could've been done through an easier process.


With that, you have everything you need to know on how to get the Khaby Lame Fortnite skin. Once the new update comes out, you better purchase the battle pass immediately to start grinding on it. That way, you can immediately reach the required tier to get the skin!

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