How to Find the Coolest Player on the Island - Fortnite Week 8 Mirror Locations

Cool skins in Fortnite.

Cool skins in Fortnite.
July 27, 2022: This interesting Fortnite quest should be popping up on your lists real soon.

To find the coolest player on the island in Fortnite is quite the ask. After all, it's a subjective opinion. Though we all know Peely is obviously the best character around despite not being a cucumber (an inherently cool vegetable) that closely resembles a banana, finding him won't clear this mission. Nice try, but that's not how it works.

Down below, we're going to chat at length about how to clear this particularly specific (and vague) Fortnite mission you'll find amongst the other Week 8 quest lists. It's one of the more unique requests of the season, and one a lot of people are going to need a little bit of help with.

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How to find the coolest player on the island - Fortnite week 8 quest solution

There are loads of theories as to who might be the coolest player on the island. If they're not an NPC, they're a player: and that means having a way to gauge their cool factor.

So, has Epic given every skin and cosmetic a secret score we can use to calculate the coolness of all 100 players on the island? No. Is it based on whoever has the crown? Also no. Is it Peely after all? Yes, but also no. We know he's the coolest, but the mission won't accept that. It's biased about bananas.

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So who is the coolest player on the island in Fortnite? It's you, you dummy. It was always you, and it will always be you. It's a mission in self-confidence, and while we're hoping you weren't vain enough to assume you were the solution all along, we hope that finding out now has put a little smile on your face.

But how do you complete the coolest player on the island mission in Fortnite? You need to look in a mirror. Not a real one, but one in the game. You'll find mirrors in basically any house, and you don't have to have RTX turned on to get those real-time reflections: a mirrored render of your character through the traditional sense works just as well.

A mirror in Fortnite.
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All Fortnite mirror locations

Rather than list off every possible mirror location in the game, we're just going to say this: head to just about any house. If there's a bathroom in there, there's a mirror. Bedrooms can have them, too, but the medicine cabinet above a sink is generally your best bet.

Until we know a little more, that's all there is to say on the matter. For more Fortnite stuff, check out our guide on the Secret Door in Shuffled Shrines. It's the key to unlocking Indiana Jones in the game, and it's more complicated than it sounds.

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