How to fix rate exceeded error in Goose Goose Duck

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Multiple characters in Goose Goose Duck.
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Facing an error or glitch is one of the most annoying things that can happen to you while playing a game. Even though most errors exist in video games for only a few days, there are glitches that can take longer to be fixed officially. Unfortunately, a rate exceeded error in Goose Goose Duck is one such problem, being in the game since release.

Read this guide, and you will find out how to fix the rate exceeded error in Goose Goose Duck. This error might appear spontaneously. So, it would be best to know how to fix it even if you do not experience it yet.


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What is the rate exceeded error?

Goose Goose Duck gameplay.

Unfortunately, there is no official explanation or comment on what the rate exceeded error is. Mostly, this issue appears when you try to play in cooperative mode with friends.


One more important thing about the rate exceeded error is that it interrupts the gameplay once it happens. Therefore, the most likely reason for the error appearing is server troubles on the developer's end.

Best fixes for rate exceeded error in Goose Goose Duck

Goose Goose Duck gameplay.

Once you know what the error is and why it appears, it is time to find the solution. Even though rate exceeded error is pretty complex, solving this issue does not require much effort, you can fix it in a few minutes.


Reinstall the game

The most straightforward solution for the rate exceeded error in Goose Goose Duck is to reinstall the game. It does not matter what game version you have and how often the error appears. Also, take into account that Goose Goose Duck is only 500 MB, so you can reinstall the game in a few minutes if you have a stable internet connection.

Update the game

Even though updating the game is more complex than reinstalling the game, it is still an incredibly straightforward solution. Sometimes, auto-update does not work correctly, and it might cause various errors in Goose Goose Duck and other games. Feel free to start with the video card and check for other drivers.


Update Windows

If you still use Windows 7, it is time to update your operating system and switch to the newest one. Unfortunately, Windows 7 is not supported anymore by most software. Therefore, using it in 2023 only brings various bugs and limitations. The best option is to update your Windows to 8 or 10. Even though it might take time, it is worth your efforts.

That’s it for how to fix the rate exceeded error in Goose Goose Duck. Unfortunately, the issue doesn't pop up for any particular reason, and it may be a while until it is fixed. Therefore, the only option is to solve the error yourself using particular tips from this guide. And while you are still here, make sure to check our list of the best free friends games if you're looking for something else to play.