FIFA 23 - How to invite friends to matches

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Can't figure out how to invite friends in FIFA 23? If you find solo matches too uneventful, you'll be glad to learn that you can invite friends in FIFA 23. Not every single mode in the football game has co-op functionality, but in many of them, you can play either with (or against) a friend.

In this FIFA 23 invite friends guide, we'll explain how to invite friends in the various modes across the game. The two main modes where you'll use it are Online Friendlies and Ultimate Team, but we'll also run through the other modes where co-op functionality is an option should you choose.

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How to invite friends in FIFA 23 Online Friendlies

If you want to invite a friend to play FIFA 23, the chances are it'll be in the Online Friendlies mode. This is where you can go head to head against people on your friends list in brief seasons.

You'll pick a team of your choice from the real-life roster, then play a match online against your friend. It's a very easy mode to dive into, and fortunately the invite process is nice and easy.

To do so, browse the various game modes and select Online Friendlies. You're then given the option to start a new season, at which point your friends list pops up. From there, simply choose the player you want to go up against, invite them, and wait in the lobby for them to join.

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How to invite friends in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

The ever-popular Ultimate Team mode does things slightly differently. There's no way to use your team against a friend's team, though you can play co-operatively to both control one team as you play random opponents online.

All you need to do is head onto Ultimate Team and select the EA social hub at the top right of the screen. From there you need to search for a match of Rivals or Squad Battles, and then select the option to invite a friend. Provided they join, you can both control the team in tandem.

What other multiplayer FIFA 23 modes are there?

Of course, there are several other FIFA 23 modes where you can invite friends. If you're a fan of couch co-op, then the reliable Kick Off mode lets you play against a friend in the same room, provided you've got two controllers spare.

To do this, simply log a second controller on to your console, and assign it to a profile on your console. Then head to the Kick Off menu, activate the controller, and you can go head to head offline.

Of course, other modes like Pro Clubs let you play co-op, but locked to one single position instead of the whole team. The invite process is slightly different here, requiring you to establish a club and then receive an in-game invite, rather than going via your console's social settings.

Annoyingly, you have to separately invite your friends in each FIFA 23 mode, rather than being able to add them to a lobby and then take them across several different experiences. Therefore, you'll need to find out which modes you play most, and learn the corresponding invite methods.

That's it for our look at how to invite friends in FIFA 23. To read up even more on the game, check out the Puzzle Master SBC solution, as well as a list of all the icon cards in this year's edition.

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