Where to get Platinum Seahorse in FFXIV - Augmented Splendorous Fishing Rod fish

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Need a new rod? You'll need to know how to get the Platinum Seahorse in FFXIV. It's one of the few fish needed to unlock the Augmented Splendorous Fishing Rod. It's a tricky beast to catch, but the game's community has been hard at work conjuring up the perfect conditions and a matching macro to make it easy.

We say easy, but the work the FFXIV community has put into landing the elusive sea critter for the 'A Dedicated Tool' quest has just made things a little easier. You'll still need to have a top-level fisher with matching gear and a proper understanding of the skill. You'll need a lot of patience, too.


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How to get the Platinum Seahorse in FFXIV - location, time, and fishing macro for Augmented Splendorous Fishing Rod

The Platinum Seahorse is a catch you'll need to head back to The First to find. It's in Lakeland at coordinates X: 21,2, Y: 29,7.

According to Reddit user Yuhi-Heroes, it's suspected of having a bite time of around six or seven seconds. The slim window makes fumbling around for your buttons a risk factor when waiting for it, which the user's macro aims to eliminate, saving bait and scrips in the process.


Paste the below script into the Macro menu and drag the corresponding button onto your hotbar. This one assumes you have the Splenderous Fishing Rod equipped and Collect and Patience II in effect.

/macroicon "Cast"
/ac "Cast"
/echo "Cast Countdown started" <wait.7>
/echo "Reel try" <se.1>
/ac "Precision Hookset"

The macro itself casts your line and attempts to reel it in after seven seconds - the average time it took its creator to land one. It also lets out a little chime to know it's time to cast out again.


But the Platinum Seahorse isn't the only thing you need to fish up to get your Augmented Splendorous Fishing Rod. At the request of an appreciative angler, the original poster offered some tips to catch the Clavekeeper, Mirror Image, and Spangled Pirarucu. Here's what they had to say.

For Clavekeeper it's a bit less straightforward as the time range is a bit wider (9~12 seconds from my experience). I used a similar macro but with a <wait.11> instead and it worked somewhat fine, but you can collide with two ! fishes. It's the only !! fish in the pool though.
For Mirror Image, the same macro as in the original post. Can collide with Grey Skipper in the case the fish would bite at 8s though.
For Spangled Pirarucu the range is so wide that I don't think a macro would help (11~19 seconds maybe). But it's also the only !! fish in the pool.

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