How to claim pre order bonuses in Exoprimal

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Exoprimal's pre-order bonuses will give some Exosuits a unique look as they battle some of history's most terrifying dinosaurs.
Credit: Capcom and PlayStation via Youtube
July 14, 2023 - Exoprimal has finally launched so we have checked over our information.

The Exoprimal pre order bonuses will make your game just a little easier as you start. Players who got in before the game's release will be the proud owners of additional character suits which won't otherwise be available for the foreseeable future. Here is everything you need to know about the Exoprimal pre order bonuses and how to claim them.

Capcom is bringing prehistoric legends into the modern day in a clash of time periods with their dinosaur survival title, which hit the shelves on July 14, 2023. The game is an online team-based action title pitting humanity in highly-advanced armour, known as Exosuits, against hordes of well-known dinosaurs, as well as some terrifying mutated variants.

What are the Exoprimal pre order bonuses?

The pre order bonuses are as follows;

  • Bush Camo – a skin for the Witchdoctor Exosuit
  • Shark’s Mouth – a skin for the Deadeye Exosuit
  • Stone Golem – a skin for the Roadblock Exosuit

There are no criteria for these pre order bonuses outside of purchasing the game. These bonus skins will be available for players who purchase the Deluxe or Standard Editions of Exoprimal.

In addition to these pre order bonuses, players who purchase the Deluxe Edition will also receive a significant number of additional skins, unlock tickets for some of the locked Exosuits, as well as a number of customisation options for Exosuits, weapons, and player tags. In the Head Start kit included in the Deluxe Edition, players will receive the following:

  • Early Unlock tickets for the Vigilant, Murasame, and Nimbus Exosuits
  • Skins for the Vigilant, Murasame, and Nimbus Exosuits.
promotional image of the Exoprimal pre order bonuses
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Credit: Exoprimal Official Website
Players who purchase Exoprimal before its release will receive these additional Exosuit skins.

How to claim pre order bonuses

For those who purchase a physical copy of Exoprimal, retailers will provide you with a voucher code that can be used to claim the three pre-order bonus skins. These codes can be entered in the PlayStation and Xbox Stores respectively.

For those who purchase Exoprimal’s digital editions, all that is required to claim the pre order bonuses is complete the purchase. The bonuses will be added to the order as separate downloadable content that can be added to your console straight away.


Once you start up the game, they'll be there for you to equip.

It is also good to note that the pre order bonuses can be used across consoles if you are to upgrade. So if you purchase the game and pre order bonuses on PlayStation 4, these will be available to download again on PlayStation 5, provided you are using the same login.

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