Dragon Age Dreadwolf - Release date speculation, platforms, and everything we know

Two men and two women hide around a behind a wall from some ominous guards in the distance.
Credit: BioWare

Two men and two women hide around a behind a wall from some ominous guards in the distance.
Credit: BioWare

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After nearly ten years, it's about time to return to Thedas and the world of Dragon Age. With Dragon Age Dreadwolf having now been officially announced, we're here with all the latest news and everything we know about the game

The Dragon Age series is a much-loved fantasy RPG, dating back to 2009. Dreadwolf will be the first entry in the series since 2014's well-received Dragon Age: Inquisition, and a new entry in the series has been highly anticipated for a while.

So let's take a look at everything we know in preparation for its release. As well as that, we discuss all the rumours and theories about returning characters and the type of game we can look forward to.

A leafy archway with a castle in the background, covered in a bright light from the sun, from Dragon Age: Dreadwolf
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Credit: BioWare

What is the Dragon Age Dreadwolf release date?

Unfortunately, no release date has so far been given for Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. The game was initially rumoured to be on course for a 2023 release, however, EA's financial report from May 2023 marks Dreadwolf to be released sometime after April 2024. But with the game reaching its alpha milestone in October 2022, the game has been in the latter stages of development for some time.

However, BioWare appears committed to releasing the game in a refined and polished state, which is something of a novelty in the current triple-A landscape. With games like Baldur's Gate 3 setting a new standard, and the failure of Anthem still fresh in our memory, BioWare seems as though they may be learning from their mistakes.

That being said, Dreadwolf's development has been far from smooth. Previously, BioWare parted ways with the game's Senior Creative Director, whilst more recently reports came out that BioWare has laid off 50 developers working on Dragon Age 4 in August 2023.

What platforms will Dragon Age Dreadwolf be on?

Currently, there is no confirmation of what platforms Dragon Age Dreadwolf will be launching on. Nevertheless, Dreadwolf is expected to be released on Xbox, PS5 and console when the time comes.

However, something that has been confirmed is that Dragon Age Dreadwolf will be a single-player only game, unlike the previous entry, Dragon Age Inquisition. Therefore, many fans of the series had been hoping for the inclusion of co-op multiplayer, however, EA opted for the removal of multiplayer features. Presumably, this was so that resources could be focused on other areas of development.

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Moreover, it's been confirmed that Dragon Age Dreadwolf won't be coming to old-gen consoles such as the Xbox One or PS4. With the game being developed in Unreal Engine 5, the hardware requirements will likely surpass the technological capabilities of the older consoles.

A flying circular castle over a towering medieval city, from Dragon Age: Dreadwolf
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Credit: BioWare
Minrathous, the largest city in Thedas and the capital of Tevinter.

Everything we know about Dragon Age Dreadwolf

Dragon Age Dreadwolf's lead writer, Patrick Weekes, has spoken about what to expect in terms of the game's story and the player's role within it. Speaking at Gamescom in 2020, Weekes stated that the writers wanted to tell a story where the player character "doesn't have power." Don't expect to be playing as the 'chosen one' or anything similar in Dreadwolf.

We know the game will be visiting at least some locations in the Tevinter Imperium: a "magocracy" based in the north of Thedas. Given how the starting player character is likely to be something of an outsider, as is typical of Dragon Age titles, it seems likely that the player will find themselves at odds with Tevinter's elitist mages at some point during the story.

Returning characters from the Dragon Age series

In terms of returning characters to the series, we know that Solas, a former companion from Dragon Age Inquisition and the Dread Wolf himself, will be making an appearance in the game.

Additionally, Varric Thethras, the dwarven companion from both Dragon Age 2 and Inquisition, voiced the audio for one of Dragon Age Dreadwolf's trailers. It seems highly likely that he will be making a return in Dreadwolf alongside Solas.

Regarding other characters, it's too early to say if anyone else from the previous Dragon Age games will be making an appearance. We'll be sure to provide an update if any more are confirmed.

Will it be a live service game?

Early in Dreadwolf's development, it was pitched as having live service features, alongside having substantial online multiplayer. As acknowledged above, multiplayer has been entirely scrapped for Dragon Age Dreadwolf. Naturally, its live service features have also been ditched too.

In the wake of the release of fellow fantasy titan Baldur's Gate 3, BioWare looks like they've made the right call to leave behind live service support for Dragon Age Dreadwolf. With many players delighted by the smooth launch of Larian's huge hit, expectations will be sky-high when Dreadwolf eventually hits the store.

That's all we know for now on Dragon Age Dreadwolf's upcoming release. Be sure to check back here for all the latest news on the game's development and release date.

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