Best Disney Lorcana item cards in The First Chapter

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Disney Lorcana - front facing view of Mickey Mouse and supporting Disney characters

If you’re on the lookout for the best Disney Lorcana item cards in The First Chapter, then you can rejoice as you’ve made it to the right place! Disney Lorcana is an innovative trading card game that features memorable characters from Disney’s history, carved up by the well-known puzzle and toy maker Ravensburger.

Within this guide, we’ll be spilling the beans on the three of the most impactful item cards that you can use to destabilise your opponents and collect lore as fast as possible in Disney Lorcana. You’ll need to assemble a robust array of item cards in your deck in order to use their ability to synergise with the Disney characters you have as part of a potent playing strategy.

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Best Disney Lorcana item cards in The First Chapter

Anyway, let’s now take a closer look at the finest item cards in The First Chapter of Disney Lorcana.

Frying Pan

For an immediate impact, the Frying Pan is a bluntly effective item card that can be used to stun opponents. It basically leaves one of your opponent’s characters shell-shocked and unable to challenge.

The benefit here is that when you activate this particular item card, you get the opportunity to quest and challenge without fear of a counter attacking move from your opponent.

At the cost of two ink, this card also has some uniqueness to it in the sense that it must be banished to your discard pile in order for it to be utilised, rather than being exerted or activated.

Banishing the Frying Pan is a shrewd move that allows you to stop a chosen character from challenging during their next turn. This subsequently presents you with the chance to prepare your own defences or run the race for some extra lore without the possibility of an opposition counter strategy thrown to stop you in your tracks.

Disney Lorcana Beast's Mirror item card that allows you to draw a card if you don't have any in hand
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Credit: Disney Lorcana

Magic Mirror

For the small cost of three ink, the Magic Mirror item card is quite a nifty one, as it plays into the hands of the overarching dynamic of this card game.

Disney Lorcana isn’t really known as a card game where you can dig into the seemingly limitless depths of your deck to draw out a potent card that can destroy your opponent in a single move. Magic Mirror therefore lets you draw a card, which is especially useful if you don’t have many options left when it comes to the cards at your disposal.

If you find yourself backed into a corner when playing this game, this card can help you navigate that situation by allowing you to draw out another card that may be what you use to regain momentum over your opponent in a future move.

White Rabbit’s Pocket Watch

Here we have an item card that deals your opponent a double-whammy when used. In simple terms, the White Rabbit’s Pocket Watch card grants you the ability to bring out a powerful character from your deck and launch a scathing attack immediately, which can help slow down your opponent’s lore gain.


To make use of this move, you need to exert the item card and pay one ink to grant a character the Rush keyword, which allows that character to challenge the same turn that they’re played.

You basically flip the script with this item card as it allows you to launch a surprise challenge on an exerted character that they thought was safe for a turn.

That's it for our look at the best item cards in Disney Lorcana's First Chapter! For more on the CCG, check out when the First Chapter reprint could arrive, alongside our picks of the best action cards to use.

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